Cory Fritzler Discusses the Benefits of Lease Options and Seller Financing

Dallas, TX, December 15, 2007 --( Cory Fritzler, experienced real estate investor and entrepreneur, currently owns and manages over 50 properties in several different states. Despite the current downtrend in real estate prices and sales, Cory still has been able to take advantage of market conditions through seller financing and lease purchases, giving buyers the opportunity of home ownership using these creative programs.

“Because of the subprime fallout, many potential home buyers are unable to obtain financing through traditional lending institutions,” said Fritzler, president of Dallas-based Swole Enterprizes.

“Through our unique programs, we create opportunities for home ownership, while at the same time, providing a solid revenue stream for our company,” he added.

A lease option (or lease purchase), is a form of financing whereby a seller agrees to rent his or her property to a tenant, with an option to buy that property at the end of the contract period. Typically, the tenant will pay a slightly higher rent, with the extra funds being applied to the purchase price when the contract is exercised. The result is usually a win-win scenario for both buyer and seller.

Similar to lease options, seller financing is another way for home buyers with less-than-perfect credit histories to own property without the need for traditional financing.

Cory Fritzler says the seller financing option is becoming increasingly popular because of the liberal lending guidelines his company offers.

“Typically, the primary requirement is ten percent of down and we usually don’t do credit checks or income verifications,” he said. “Also, if a buyer defaults due to unexpected hardship, we’ll take the property back without damaging their credit history.”

Fritzler says he is always sympathetic and understanding towards tenants who default, providing multiple options and opportunities to avoid eviction.

“We don’t kick someone while they're down,” said Fritzler. “We will work with them and initiate the eviction process only as a last resort.”

As the recipient of multiple awards for his work in real estate, Cory Fritzler is known for his innovative financing programs, charitable work and benevolence, which includes helping displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

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Cory Fritzler