DormCo Presents Tips for Staying Eco-Friendly in College

DormCo presents the dorm essentials that are needed for staying environmentally friendly in college.

Buffalo, NY, November 01, 2015 --( It may seem easier for the college student to be eco-friendly while living at home. After all, there is not much space in the college dorm room for things like recycling bins. However, with the right dorm essentials, the college student can be eco-friendly and even save money while being eco-friendly.

One of the major ways a college student can save a lot of money while being environmentally conscious is not purchasing water bottles. Bottled water can get quite expensive when the college student is purchasing one or more bottles a day. The bottle of water sitting in the cooler at the store can be quite alluring, especially when it is one of the healthier options in the cooler. However, all of those bottles of water can add up, both financially and environmentally. One of the ways to cut down on the bottles of water being purchased is to reuse those bottles of water as much as possible. However, to take it a step further, the college student can also invest in a water pitcher. Ideally, the college student will want a water pitcher that also filters the water to make the water in the residence hall taste better. The water pitcher can be kept right in the college dorm mini-fridge so the college student will always have cold water available to refill a water bottle or jug.

Other than bottled water, another beverage college students may be reaching for a lot is a caffeinated drink, whether it is coffee or tea. Running to the college café before class every day can really add up, especially for lattes and cappuccinos. The simple solution is for the college student to add a dorm coffee maker. The smell of coffee will fill the dorm room, allowing the college student to feel even more awake just from the smell. The college student can then keep the coffee in a reusable to go mug, allowing them to save even more money by not using disposable cups.

College dorm rooms can be quite small and it may be tempting to invest in paper plates for a few reasons. The college student won’t have to wash them when they’re dirty and they won’t take up a lot of space. The problem is, disposable plates add up quite a bit. The college student may be using up to five disposable plates per day if every meal and snack is eaten in the dorm room, especially if the plate needs to be doubled up. The key is to keep reusable plates handy and with multiple sizes available, the college student won’t have to worry about losing dorm room storage space.

Saving money in college is about more than scholarships. With the right college supplies, the college student can also save money and the environment by investing in reusable dorm items that cut back on waste.

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