Internet Marketer Phil McCollum Joins Lawn Chair Millionaire

Long Beach, CA, December 15, 2007 --( Shortly after Lawn Chair Millionaire launched on December 7, 2007, internet marketer Phil McCollum joined the MLM company. Lawn Chair Millionaire offers a revolutionary compensation system that rewards members immediately upon joining with a share of the Moneyline Pool, which grows as more people join. Every members’ shares in the Moneyline Pool continue to grow for two months after they join as the company expands. The Moneyline Pool makes it easy for members to take advantage of the benefits of membership with virtually no risk, already assured of earnings. Lawn Chair Millionaire also offers commissions on the basis of referrals and residual income on the basis of subscriptions to “The Vault”, a resource that provides members with access to money-making products formerly known only to a select few individuals.

Lawn Chair Millionaire has prepared a detailed company website and has a help desk available to answer questions. The company is well prepared for massive expansion that is already occurring during the first week after launch. The Founders of the company are experienced internet marketers and have put considerable thought into the development of the company. In addition to the company presentation, Mr. McCollum had prepared his own website to market the business opportunity. His website explains the advantages of the Lawn Chair Millionaire business model to both new and experienced marketers, and provides a glimpse of the training resources he makes available to his team through the website. Mr. McCollum is continuing his efforts to expand the training site as well as to develop web pages for his members. For more information on the Lawn Chair Millionaire company, compensation plan, and product, and the training offered by Phil McCollum, visit today to get started.

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