Valentine's Day Message Competition

An innovative set up with highly interactive interface and elegantly arranged message cells in the form of a heart provide a real relish to readers and inspire the writers to come up with catchy Valentine's Day messages.

San Francisco, CA, February 08, 2006 --( Who can deny the power of pure love, which inspires every one of us to come up with magical words on the Valentine’s Day year after year? If we can add a little bit of creativity and competitive pressure to this natural inspiration then it will be truly enchanting experience. Creating such experience, is the our primary motivation behind setting up the love mark in the form of a giant nest at which will soon have more than five hundred love messages. We are sure; these messages will spur thoughts of everyone in the community and help them create perfect messages for their beloveds. The heart (nest) catches fancy of new love birds as well as the laconic messages from seasoned lovers. Visitors can not only get inspiration for the message but also stand a chance to win an iPod by picking the best message.

How it works?
The giant heart has more than five hundred cells. Initially, all these cells were empty. Anyone, who is a resident of US can upload a love message in these cells. Upon editorial approval, the submitted message fills up a cell in the heart. Depending on the age of the relationship, the message goes in to different sections of the heart. Further, on the midnight of Valentine’s Day, an automatic email notification will be sent to the lucky soul to whom the message is addressed. Each message cell links to a blog post that has details of the message and comments from the community. This is a real relish for casual visitors who do not want to write any message since they can just rollover the mouse on cells and read the messages and even vote for them.

Win iPods
In tune with American competitive spirit there is a special incentive to write an interesting message. Whoever writes the best message is going to win an Apple iPod on the Valentine’s Day. The decision will be made by impartial judges but website visitors can influence judges’ opinion by voting for the favorite messages. There is a lucky draw prize of Apple iPod Shuffle which will be awarded to one user who has voted for the message which gets chosen by judges as the best message.

Thus, the love energy of this community driven Valentine initiative can help users get in Valentine mood - find the right words to express your feelings. And of course, provide a chance to win an iPods for their beloveds.

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Keith Hollins,
Director of Public Relations

Keith Hollins