Bucks County Green Challenges the Community to "Put Kids First"

Bucks County, PA, December 18, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Bucks County Green announces a community movement to put ‘Kids First’ by encouraging parents to make cleaning for your children a priority. The educational initiative encourages families to have a positive impact on the health and development of their children, starting in their homes.

Parents often spend much of their time looking for the best schools, the best clothes, or the best sports leagues for their children. But many don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the best way to preserve the environment surrounding their children. A logical place to begin is by changing the way they clean their home.

The Green Cleaning movement is designed to use cleaning methods that are safe for any member of the family – especially the children. With homes currently closed up for winter, air cannot escape, and the toxins from regular cleaners are continually circulating in the air. Children are particularly affected by these toxic chemical exposures, especially those that suffer from allergies and/or asthma.

Why Should Parents Clean Green?

Green Cleaning Helps Children Stay Healthy
According to the US Environmental Protection Agency indoor air can be between 5 and 100 times more polluted than outdoor air because of lack of circulation. Green cleaning helps reduce the environmental hazards that negatively affect children’s growing bodies. Remember – there’s a reason that your home cleaning products say ‘Keep Away from Children and Pets’.

Green Cleaning Helps Performance in School
According to the Healthy Schools Network, green cleaning methods reduce the number of health problems among children, decreasing absenteeism and improving student performance. Parents should also remember to communicate the benefits of green cleaning to schools and daycares. Commercial cleaners affect your family in these environments. Get them on the Put Kids First program.

Green Cleaning Preserves the Environment
According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - the typical American household is the number one violator of chemical waste per capita. We all want the best for our children, so it’s important to preserve the environment around them. Green Cleaning uses natural cleaners made from plants and fruits (natural resources).

Bucks County Green offers green cleaning services for households, day cares and office buildings. The company is currently reaching out to local families who want a clean home that is environmentally safe for their children. The company also offers gift certificates, which make an ideal gift for friends, family and neighbors who would enjoy the gift of green for the holidays.

About Bucks County Green

Bucks County Green is devoted to environmental green cleaning. The service provides eco-friendly cleaning solutions for daycares, homes, offices and schools. The company places emphasis on healthy cleaning for the whole family. The company also supports social awareness by giving back to charitable organizations that support an eco-friendly environment.

For more information on green cleaning, contact Bucks County Green at 215-860-9174 or visit www.buckscountygreen.com.

Bucks County Green
Joe Mack