Finally, Something New for MLMers Tired of Pills, Potions and Juices

A Utah-based MLM company, INVISUS Direct, specializing in managed personal services for PCs and identity theft protection has recently received the endorsement of one of the country’s leading PC and Internet security experts.

Heber, UT, December 18, 2007 --( ( Bill Wardell, the creator of and an internationally recognized expert on computer and Internet related issues has recently joined with the Utah based INVISUS Direct to offer what Mr. Wardell feels is the best managed personal services package available to the general public.

“What excites me most about the INVISUS Direct offering is its grassroots way of getting the word out about this important issue,” says Mr. Wardell. “Personal security is a huge issue these days, both on the web and off, but there are so many misconceptions and misunderstandings it’s almost impossible for the average person to understand all its implications. INVISUS Direct is the only company I’ve found in all my research that not only has the resources and distribution method to explain the issues in a clear and concise manner, but has the expertise and service systems in place to actually do something about it.”

“People won’t let just anyone mess with their computers,” says James Harrison, CEO of INVISUS Direct. “It has to be someone they know and trust. After 4 years of trying to sell our services through traditional channels with only moderate success, we discovered that the only channel that really makes sense is direct selling or network marketing.”

Mr. Wardell agrees. “With my exposure on the Internet, I’m approached almost daily by people who want my endorsement for one security related product or another. Before finding INVISUS Direct there simply wasn’t anything I felt I could endorse in good conscience. But what the folks at INVISUS Direct have to offer really has me excited. This is the first service I’ve seen that I can really feel good about recommending to everyone I know.”

One of the most exciting aspects of INVISUS Direct is its incredible retention rate. Over its seven year history they are still retaining over 80% of their overall customer base and nearly 70% of their distributors. This speaks volumes about the quality of service it offers.

“Only a small percentage of people who own PCs really know how they work and what it takes to keep them running at their peak performance,” state’s INVISUS Co-founder and President, Jeff Nichols. “People are desperate for help in this area. All too often they are turning to their friends, family or neighbors for help, only to be disappointed by the results. INVISUS Direct offers comprehensive technical support by highly trained technicians who really care about what they do and treat our customer with the kindness and patience not usually found in most tech support operations.”

“This is something everyone who owns a computer needs and will use,” says Mr. Wardell. “That’s why I’m so excited about being a part of this company. Once someone has experienced the quality of service this company provides they will never be without it as long as they own a PC.”

“This is a business opportunity where you can really feel good about sharing it with friends and family. It’s something they need and will use on a regular basis. It’s a service where the user sees immediate and dramatic results that benefit them in a very positive way. You can’t feel much better about what you have to offer than when you know you have protected people you care about from threats that are real, but they don’t even know they exist. This is a remarkable business opportunity for people who really want to make a difference in their world,” says Mr. Wardell.

INVISUS Direct Co-founder and CEO, James Harrison, feels that personal managed services will shortly become the next great utility around the world. “Our goal is to simplify people’s lives and secure their lifestyle by taking care of all the nagging little things that annoy and threaten them and by providing them with a way to make a significant income by protecting the people they care about.”

Computer and personal identity management and protection are problems that are here to stay. People are going to need and be looking for solutions to these problems for years to come.

INVISUS Direct offers a 7 level, fully compressed uni-level compensation plan with a powerful fast start bonus for those willing to go to work. There are also generous rank advancement bonuses, leadership bonuses and global revenue sharing and infinity bonuses for qualifying distributors. This comp plan has it all for the MLMer looking for a new and exciting business that doesn’t have to do with pills, potions, lotions or juices.

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