Short-Term Noise Monitoring with DELTA

Acoustical expert, DELTA expanded its noise measurement capabilities by subscribing to Bruel & Kjaer's Noise Sentinel On Demand service.

Copenhagen, Denmark, December 10, 2015 --( DELTA - one of the leading acoustical consultant companies in Denmark - accepted a project to measure airport noise. Making actual noise measurements and calculating how changes in air traffic affect the propagation of noise can be time consuming and expensive. It is often more efficient for airports to estimate both the noise impact and how changes in air traffic or other noisy activities can affect neighbours. However, in order to verify to authorities that its calculations are correct, an airport has to find a way to validate them, which is where DELTA come in.

As deadlines were tight, DELTA needed a ready-to-use system that could perform the necessary measurements and store the heavy data load until the project had finished. In addition, the validation of the customer’s calculation needed to comply with ISO 20906 for aircraft noise monitoring. DELTA decided to take up a subscription to Brüel & Kjær’s Noise Sentinel On Demand service, which met the ISO specifications and was ready to use within a short time-frame.

Noise Sentinel On Demand is a noise monitoring service that includes all the necessary hardware to complete the job. It is an online experience with easy registration, order processing and quick delivery. DELTA ordered everything and received all the necessary parts a few days later, ready to set up.

For this particular project, two terminals were required for continuous noise measurement every second, for three months. Connected to mains power on site, as well as back-up battery support, the noise monitoring terminals ensured continuous measurement throughout the three-month period. With that in place, the consultant could follow the noise from his office, listen to audio clips and evaluate data at his convenience.

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