Turning Tombstones to Trees

London, United Kingdom, December 12, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Funky funeral firm Alternative Endings is proving to be a Crowdfunding sensation with its ground-breaking range of unforgettable funerals and life celebrations.

Co-founder Kevin Foy says: “Traditional funerals haven’t progressed in hundreds of years. So why can’t the rest of us be like Hunter S Thompson and mix it up a bit with his ashes getting shot out of a cannon and fireworks going off for his send off?

“The catalyst for Alternative Endings was when my Dad told me he’d prepaid for a traditional funeral send off as he didn’t know there was an alternative,” continues Kevin. “He didn’t realise there were so many other options.”

Become your favourite tree with your ashes fertilising a seed in a biodegradable urn, ‘really’ be involved in a firework display with your ashes in each rocket. Or be beamed up like Scotty into space with your ashes in a weather balloon which bursts when it reaches the stratosphere.

Become a diamond - transformed from the carbon of your ashes, or be close to your loved ones at all times with beautiful memorial jewellery.

You can even be turned into your favourite song where ashes are mixed with vinyl to make a record, or your ashes used in a special commemorative portrait or sculpture.

Some people love water - the flow of life. Alternative Endings provides floatable urns and boat trips that offer the perfect send off.

There are so many ways to design a bespoke celebration for your life or the life of a loved one – no wonder the Alternative Endings campaign on Crowdfunder is attracting so much interest.

"With one of our biodegradable urns your ashes will fertilize a native tree or plant. Roots that grow through the ashes into the soil absorbing the nutrients giving eternal energy. Alternatively a newly formed tree or plant can be planted over the buried ashes. Alternative Endings is using the investment to bring about the first Memorial Park of its kind,” explains Kevin. “The Memorial Park will be a place of beauty, full of native wild flowers, trees and wildlife. We need £90'000 to create this peaceful and serene place where family and friends can visit for generations to come - not to mourn but to celebrate life. To be buried there will give a lasting legacy.”

To get involved go to http://goo.gl/DRF9b6
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