Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC Promotes Eunice Liu to Shanghai

Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC has named the division head who will lead its new Shanghai office set to open next year.

Osaka, Japan, December 14, 2015 --( Osaka-based asset manager, Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC has appointed Eunice Liu to the position of division head for its soon-to-be-opened Shanghai office.

Mrs. Liu currently leads the private client portfolio management department at the firm and has introduced a number of fresh innovations and refinements to systems and procedures that have helped improve returns for clients.

Having made the decision to shift her career to embrace a more client-facing focus, Mrs. Liu joined Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC in 2009 as an investment counselor having worked for Mizuho Financial Group Bank for 5 years as an Emerging Markets equities strategist. She quickly gained respect for her attention to detail and unwavering commitment to achieving and exceeding targets for return on investment for the firm’s private clients.

“Eunice has made a contribution to the success of our practice that, put simply, defies all efforts to quantify it,” said Charles Worth, Executive Vice-President and Co-Chief Investment Officer at Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC. “Her insistence on leading by example is one the many attributes that made her and her team so successful here and we think that same inclusive methodology will enable her to replicate that success as division head in Shanghai.”

Mrs. Liu has begun managing the transition for her successor at Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC’s Osaka headquarters and will begin focusing on the recruitment of various senior personnel for the Shanghai offices.

“I am delighted to have been selected from a shortlist of very capable candidates I hold in very high esteem. I will make every endeavor to repay the trust and confidence shown in me and look forward to advancing both the interests of our clients and of Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC in the months and years ahead,” said Mrs. Liu.

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