Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC Exceeds $3Bn Under Management

Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC says it has exceeded the $3bn under management milestone before the end of 2015.

Osaka, Japan, December 16, 2015 --( Osaka-based investment house, Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC confirms that it has recently officially exceeded the $3 billion under-management milestone a full 5 months ahead of forecasts.

The achievement of this objective is largely being attributed to the phenomenal success of client fee initiatives introduced earlier this year to attract more institutional and private clients in a home market which was becoming increasingly stagnant and complacent.The initiatives have resulted in a large number of new client signups and a significant increase in capital inflows.

Toshiro Noda, Senior Vice President at Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC said, “I’m delighted that the initiatives have proven successful. As an industry, I believe wealth and asset managers have become complacent. Too many practices have become accustomed to posting mediocre performance knowing that there’s often very little to distinguish one firm from another. This makes clients believe that there is little to be gained by switching since the next practice will offer more or less the same. In turn, wealth managers don’t push hard enough to realize their clients’ objectives so I thought it would be a good idea to align our interests more closely with those of our clients.”

Mr. Noda said he is preparing to introduce a new initiative which would hopefully, further shake up Japan’s wealth and asset management industry to the benefit of clients.

David Silver, Executive Vice President of Portfolio Management with Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC said he was “proud” of the “blistering pace” of achievement at the firm and said he was looking forward to a 2016 that held the promise of further improvements for clients.

About Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC
Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC is a ‘fee only’ financial advisory service. This way you can be assured that we are acting in your best interests at all times. Other services have ‘special’ relationships with banks and financial institutions, from which they are paid a negotiated percentage of any deals that they broker on their behalf. These third party arrangements distort how investments should be dealt with presenting a clear conflict of interest. We do NOT operate in this manner and offer total commitment to our valued clients, without receiving any compensation from third party sources in the industry.

Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC operates under the strict guidelines of the Fiduciary Standard of Care (FSC). We are bound to a code of conduct that holds the clients interest in paramount position.
Nippon Capital Asset Management J-LLC
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