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Career Connection Network Launches Career Social Networks in Partnership with Fortune 500 Companies

Major corporate brands agree that the greatest recruiting need for 2008 will be reaching passive talent. Career Connection Network launches the newest social networking technology enabling companies to engage and build relationships with hard-to-reach industry talent.

Princeton Junction, NJ, December 21, 2007 --( Career Connection Network (CCN), developer of the newest social networking technology being launched in December, is partnering with Fortune 500 brands to build Career Social Networks for top professionals.

The Career Connection Network platform creates Online Communities which are one-stop destination sites for professionals to receive fresh content and network with peers across multiple practice areas relevant to their specific careers and industry.

The Communities also foster peer networking via member interest matchmaking and many other tools, based on a wide variety of criteria, including:
--industry or company experience
--subject matter expertise
--social interests
--any other relevant profile data

Career Connection Network Fortune 500 clients each sponsor their own targeted Career Connection site to further position themselves as industry thought leaders and to enable them to build relationships with top-tier passive talent.

The CCN platform allows for exclusive sponsorship of each career-specific community. The platform’s technology also highlights top professionals within the Community which enables companies to not only reach and engage passive talent, but passive talent that are at the top of their profession.

Career Connection Network’s initial clients, which are positioning themselves to build relationships with top tier talent, and further their thought leadership in their most needed respective career categories, include:
• Wachovia – exclusive sponsor of the Financial Sales Career Connection
• Toyota – exclusive sponsor of the Manufacturing Engineering Career Connection
• Citi Mortgage – exclusive sponsor of the Mortgage Sales Career Connection

Wachovia is using their Career Connection Network to support its sourcing team’s overall objective to develop relationships with top Financial Sales Professionals who are number one in their field and to brand Wachovia as the destination for their next career move.

“Wachovia believes the technology Career Connection Network has to offer will help us build a rapidly growing Online Community of top Financial Sales professionals,” said Phil Haynes, Talent Acquisition Manager at Wachovia. “The ability to be the exclusive sponsor of the Financial Sales Career Connection in 2008 gives us a significant advantage over our competitors to find and hire the best talent.”

Toyota decided that the Career Connection Network is the best way to reach individuals in its industry who are already leveraging Web 2.0 to network with peers.

“Toyota believes that the best passive talent is focused on advancing their career and looking for ways to network with peers in their industry,” said Sandra Stratton, Manger of Talent Management for Toyota. “Being the exclusive sponsor of the Manufacturing Engineering Career Connection site positions us to build relationships with the growing online community of engineering professionals, branding ourselves as the thought leader in the field.”

Stratton adds that the tools offered by Career Connection Network give Toyota a competitive edge in sourcing and creates a unique ability to build a pipeline of passive talent.

Citi Mortgage is launching its Mortgage Sales Career Connection site focusing on building relationships with top Mortgage Professionals in 2008.

“Citi Mortgage believes the Career Connection Network will be a destination site for passive talent in 2008,” said Jason Leonard, Director of Staffing for Citi Mortgage. “We are very excited to be one of the first employers to build an online Career Community and believe this will give us the opportunity to build a pipeline of the best Mortgage Talent in the industry.”

CCN is looking to partner with leading Fortune 500 Brands to sponsor Career Connection Network sites in 2008. Additionally, CCN will be launching their customer advisory program in January 2008 which will consist of leading senior staffing executives in the industry who will be a contributing force for the ongoing improvement of the CCN Platform. If you are interested in sponsoring a CCN site or becoming a member of the CCN customer advisory program please click here Online Career Community.

About Career Connection Network
Career Connection Network, a division of Blogging Systems Group, was founded in June, 2007. CCN was created to solve the challenge faced by Fortune 500 leading brands which were finding it harder and harder to find, reach and engage with their most pressing hiring target market - passive talent. CCN combines the already proven value of social networks with other successful company sourcing strategic tools. The Career Connection Network technology, built for career social networking, is believed by major Fortune 500 brands to be the recruiting solution category killer for 2008 and beyond, for both career professionals and leading strategic employers.

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