BSR Services Selected to Participate in National Study

St. Louis snow and ice specialist joins salt management research.

St. Louis, MO, January 08, 2016 --( BSR Services was recently selected as Missouri’s only official research candidate – and one of just 30 companies across North America – to participate in a national salt management study. The Sustainable Salt Initiative (SSI), which was created by Snow & Ice Management Association (SIMA) in partnership with Viaesys-Inc., was designed to address the need for practical, real-life salt application data in order to develop industry standards and best practices.

BSR Services, which was founded by owner Carl Bolm in 1984, is St. Louis’ largest locally owned and operated snow and ice management provider. The company recently upgraded its fleet to include automated salt tracking technology similar to that used by Highway Departments and Departments of Transportation.

The fully automatic GPS-enabled salt tracking systems provide real-time salt application data as salt is applied to properties. The live data is used by the BSR Services’ management team to ensure safe pavement conditions while minimizing over application of salt. The same data is also used as a part of a larger data pool to develop standards for salt application rates with the goal of promoting safe and sustainable winter maintenance practices across the industry.

BSR Services’ contribution to the Sustainable Salt Initiative will help broaden the scope of data collected for the research. A richer data set will ensure that the salt application rate standards developed by the research initiative cater to a broader range of geographical areas, levels of service and weather severities. The study will track actual salt usage in an effort to understand where safety, sustainability and science meet. It also will assess application rates and adjust accordingly in order to remain environmentally friendly and in sync with the industry.

The gathered information will be coupled with research conducted by Snow and Ice Control for Parking Lots, Platforms and Sidewalks (SICOPS) to determine a helpful set of recommendations for salt applications that make business sense and proactively address environmental concerns associated with over-application.

“Not only does this research help the industry as a whole but it also assists my company in terms of documenting time and product required at each client’s site,” said BSR Services owner Carl Bolm. “I’m looking forward to learning the results of how our salt usage numbers compare to others in the snow and ice business, especially if it helps us decrease our salt usage and embrace more sustainable winter maintenance practices.”

BSR Services is a proactive risk management expert that focuses on snow-specific commercial property service. The company is located at 2340 Verna Ave. in Maryland Heights, Mo. For more information, call (314) 569-3005.
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