Small Waterjet Kit Offers Flexibility

WARDJet recently had four customers on its production floor in Tallmadge, OH, building their individual WARDKit waterjets simultaneously. By traveling to WARDJet headquarters to build their machine with the pros, these customers are now experts on operating and servicing their new waterjet systems. Each customer came from a different part of the county, work in different industries, and will use their WARDKit for different applications.

Tallmadge, OH, January 09, 2016 --( TredWear came to WARDJet from central Alabama to build a WARDKit 5x10 with two heads for use in creating custom tire graphics from raised rubber. Gearheads and car enthusiasts alike can agree that tires are a major accessory with limited customization opportunities. TredWear fills that void by offering raised white letter kits to turn any black wall tire into a custom feature of your sports car, motorcycle, or ATV. TredWear will be using their WARDKit to bring production in-house, which will shorten lead times and eliminate the need to ‘bulk order’. TredWear also plans to offer job shop cutting to other businesses in their region when their WARDKit 5x10 is not tied up cutting tire graphics.

ParkPlus traveled from New Jersey to build a WARDKit 5x10 with a single abrasive head for use in cutting aluminum, steel, and other materials necessary to build high density parking structures. Often seen in big cities, like Manhattan, Miami, and Los Angeles, the high density parking structures built by ParkPlus are impressive, functional and state-of-the-art! ParkPlus’ WARDKit 5x10 will be cutting components that they previously sourced from across the globe. Having a WARDKit waterjet will allow ParkPlus to internally handle production and eliminate quality control concerns.

JHE Production sent team members from their location near Charlotte, North Carolina to build the WARDKit 5x10 for use in fabricating event production. JHE specializes in live shows, special events, and corporate meetings. JHE coordinates events for a lot of big name companies like NASCAR, Lowes, and Fox Sports. JHE Production plans to use their new WARDKit 5x10 to cut everything they use to construct events, from foam, to aluminum, to signage. Bringing production in-house was a big motivator for JHE when deciding to build a WARDKit and it will allow them a lot more flexibility when organizing future events for customers. Waterjet’s versatility was also attractive to the JHE team, as they can cut nearly everything on their new WARDKit.

Daylen Solutions of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania was also at WARDJet to build their machine as part of the KITributor program. As a KITributor, Daylen Solutions will be offering pre-assembled, fully-supported WARDKit 2x2s, 5x5s, and 5x10s to anyone in the market for a waterjet, for less than a standard WARDJet assembled system. The goal of Daylen Solutions is to bring manufacturers the technology, equipment, and technical support necessary to increase productivity through machinery and automation. Daylen Solutions recognized the quality and value of the WARDKit system and is excited to offer it to customers as a KITributor. Along with the WARDKit waterjets, Daylen offers press brakes, shears, punch presses and laser cutters.
WARDJet Inc.
Ali Kulick