Doris Wood Accepts Board of Advisor Position at SYNDUIT

New York, NY, January 13, 2016 --( Doris Wood, Founder of the MLMIA and 50+ year veteran in the Network Marketing Profession, has accepted a position on the Board of Advisors for SYNDUIT, which is a proven, compliant, and easy to implement business growth system built by Network Marketing Professionals and for Network Marketing Professionals.

“I have been approached by opportunities in the Network Marketing Profession almost on a weekly basis for over 30 years, and each time I nd myself feeling that it would interfere with my goals and desires for MLMIA and the industry, but when I was introduced to SYNDUIT, I immediately saw something that solves a massive challenge for independent distributors,” says Doris Wood. She continued, “Right now most of our profession struggles with compliance, retention, and brand image and SYNDUIT solves all three of these problems and it has nothing to do with selling a different product or joining a new company.”

Doris started the MLMIA in 1985 and has served as Chairman (and sometimes President) since its inception. Over the past four months, she has immersed herself in setting up the association for a future lled with success and impact. During this time, she was introduced to Jared Yellin, Founder of SYNDUIT, which led to a number of conversations before a position on the Board of Advisors was offered.

“When I met Doris, I knew there was something different about her. I know hundreds of people in the Network Marketing Profession and the one thing about Doris that kept on standing out is how badly she wants the profession to flourish. This is when my team and I decided to extend a position on our Board of Advisors because the expertise that Doris brings to the table is exceptional. Our mission is to unite 1 million Network Marketing Professionals so that – together – we will create freedom for 1 billion people from around the world and I know Doris will play a major role in making this happen,” says Jared Yellin, Founder of SYNDUIT.

SYNDUIT is a crowdsourcing platform where Network Marketing Professionals can submit proven, compliant, and easy to implement business growth strategies. Once each idea earns 2,500 votes from independent distributors, the SYNDUIT team of copywriters, graphic designers, illustrators, and social media strategists work cohesively to build each strategy. When the campaign is completed, it will be automated for Network Marketing Professionals to accelerate their success.

If you are interested in learning more about SYNDUIT please visit and either submit an idea, vote, or do both.
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