The Nation's First Lifestyle Enhancement Club Opens in the East Village of San Diego. Helps San Diegans Answer the Question "What Defines You?"

In today’s fast-paced urban environments, everyone’s idea of personal and professional success is different. Health, social status, wealth, a strong familial structure and general well-being are just a few of the factors contributing to one’s personal happiness, success, and growth. Define is the Nation's first Lifestyle Enhancement club that focuses on helping members systematically improve their wealth across the six areas of human potential.

San Diego, CA, December 22, 2007 --( Define takes the neighborhood gym to the next level. This modern, industrial, urban “country club-style” facility provides fitness, business coaching, networking, and overall life enhancement tools all in one socially interactive environment…without the need for a golf course. Lifestyle Enhancement is more than weight, reps, cardio and bulging biceps, it’s about creating the best you – physically, financially, emotionally, professionally, relationally and spiritually – from the inside out. Define is the one place where those seeking something more than just “physical” fitness are surrounded by other high-achieving individuals who also place a high value on their time and want the most out of life.

Define’s unique 4,300 square foot platform offers activity options ranging from luxury massage chairs, a high-tech conference room facility, complimentary WiFi access and nutritious gourmet café offerings to top-of-the-line cardio machines, high-end branded fitness gear and accessories, and private or semi-private group workout sessions with trained experts, or Coaches, who help guide an individual’s success on every level.

“Define is the only space for upwardly mobile adults living and working downtown who want a place outside of their condo or office building where everybody knows their name, and that allows their life and circle of influence to continually expand,” says Chris J. Snook, fitness expert, best-selling author, motivational speaker and co-founder of Define Lifestyle Enhancement Club. “Whether someone needs a stress-relieving, 15-minute hiatus from the world, a friendly smile, a cup of coffee, a motivational pick-me-up, a business-building seminar or a 30-minute fat-melting, heart-pumping workout, our staff of professionals are here to help.”

Define’s fluid, customized layout is separated into 10 distinct areas:

Evolve (high-tech seminar/conference/multi-purpose room)
Gateway (welcome area/front desk)
Gravity (semi-private training rooms)
Interval (cardio area)
Nourish (juice/coffee bar & mini café)
Purify (men’s/women’s locker rooms)
Study (in-house retail store)
Terrace (WiFi equipped outdoor social area)
Unwind (de-stress lounge with massage chairs)

The final area is Define’s core and signature: Urban Recess is a 28-minute, full-body functional fitness routine anchored by EFI Sportsmedicine’s PowerTower units that spans the main floor of the club. Urban Recess uses a series of timed interval exercises on monkey bars, BOSU balance trainers and the PowerTowers, along with other training devices, to provide a complete total body workout in just under half an hour. Flat screen televisions mounted over each station demonstrate the movement of the week, along with modifications to increase or decrease intensity, as guests move from station to station following the directions on the display for each interval until the workout is complete.

Exclusive to Define’s Urban Recess, the PowerTower is EFI Sportsmedicine’s state-of-the-art fitness tool that utilizes the user’s own body weight as resistance for the workout – whether for restored function and mobility, endurance, stability, muscle mass or body sculpting. With the press of a switch, the PowerTower allows for an increase or decrease of the resistance level during an exercise in progress. With virtually unlimited incremental adjustments from 3 to 72 percent of body weight, EFI’s PowerTower is universal to all fitness levels.

Define is the brainchild of Snook, his wife, Brianne, and longtime friend Steve Froehlich. Snook, a 10-year veteran of the fitness industry, is a sought-after fitness expert, life coach, keynote speaker and seminar leader who spent the last six years as an investor and partner of Life Success, a global lifestyle enhancement and personal development firm that specializes in mindset education, strategic issues and implementing go-to-market strategies for individuals, companies and organizations. He co-authored the best-selling book, “Personal Trainer’s Burnout: How to Transform Frustration to Fortune” and, along with Brianne, has been published in Health & Beauty Magazine, San Diego Business Journal, Ranch & Coast Magazine and Women’s Tri-Fitness Magazine, among others. Snook is currently authoring a new book for Life Success Publishing, owned by “The Secret” teacher Bob Proctor, titled “Wealth Matters…Abundance Is Your Birthright,” which is available online and at bookstores nationwide. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology from Westchester University and was certified by the NSCA as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist in 1998. Snook completed his graduate work in Exercise Physiology at San Diego State University, where he also earned his MSBA in Entrepreneurship.

Located at 222 Park Blvd. at 11 th Avenue in the heart of East Village, Define is San Diego’s first Lifestyle Enhancement Club offering fitness, business and life coaching, and social networking all in one state-of-the-art urban environment. The number of memberships is limited, with basic package rates starting at $149 per month that includes complete use of Urban Recess and Interval, full club privileges and attendance at select networking events. Upgraded individual and corporate memberships that include Define’s exclusive business, fitness and life coaching services start at $200 per month, up to $1,500 per month. For more information on Define or Chris J. Snook, please visit the club online at or call (619) 955-8348.

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