Full-Service Nanny Agency Reopens in Northeast Florida

Jacksonville, FL, January 16, 2016 --(PR.com)-- My Kensington Nanny & Home Services, LLC, the primary provider of professional nanny and domestic home services today announced the reopening of its Northeast Florida location in Jacksonville, Florida. My Kensington Nanny is a full-service nanny and domestic services placement agency that specializes in placing highly-skilled, professional nannies with families.

The demand for a professional nanny staffing agency has been on the rise in Northeast Florida for the past few years. Significant growth, particularly in Duval & St. Johns Counties, can likely be attributed to new businesses relocating to the area for cost savings. Naturally, this is attracting professional families across the globe. These families are accustomed to in-home child care and domestic services to accommodate their busy lifestyles.

“Families, again, have an excellent source to help manage the nanny and home staff screening and placement process,” says Angela von Dietrich, owner of Kensington Nanny & Home Services. “Kensington provided these services to families in Duval, Clay & St. Johns counties beginning in 2003, and is proud to be reopening our Jacksonville office again.”

Ms. von Dietrich relocated to South Florida from Jacksonville and has been providing nanny placement services to families in Broward and Palm Beach counties. My Kensington Nanny currently has three locations in Broward & Palm Beach counties, and is the most recommended nanny service for families in South Florida. Previously, Ms. von Dietrich held positions on the boards of several notable associations such as the Wolfson’s Children’s Hospital Red Wagon Steering Committee and the International Nanny Association Board of Directors.

Leading the reopening of its Jacksonville office is Victoria Marinelli, Ms. von Dietrich’s eldest daughter. Ms. Marinelli, is graduating from the University of North Florida and currently serves as the president and family director of the Northeast Florida location.

“There’s more to finding an exceptional candidate than the interview,” says Ms. Marinelli, “and families can again enjoy the detailed screening services provided by Kensington. There’s no doubt that our screening methodology has directly contributed to Kensington becoming the de facto nanny services provider in the area.”

Kensington Nanny handles much more. In addition to its nanny screening and placement services, Kensington recently introduced the “No Fee” program, whereby qualified families can opt to have one of Kensington’s own nanny employees work in-home. With this program, the nanny is a regular employee of Kensington. The benefit is that Kensington manages all aspects of the nanny’s employment, including payroll, taxes and insurance. “With the new healthcare mandates, families had a hard time navigating the new requirements. With this program, we handle everything for them,” says Ms. Marinelli. “It’s a win/win for everyone.”
My Kensington Nanny
Davisa Otello