Web Leads (webleadsinc.com) Introduces Small Business SEO Leads Packages for Startups and Smaller, Local Brands

Web Leads generates SEO leads for online marketing companies, connecting them with small to medium-sized businesses in need of a service provider. Web Leads also produce customized lead gen campaigns for other brands that operate in a business to business setting.

Los Angeles, CA, January 19, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Web Leads has announced a line of “small business” SEO lead generation plans, enabling startups and smaller, local SEO brands, to gain early-state traction in new customer acquisition.

Web Leads has continued its expansion of customers in 2015, leading to upgraded lead qualification and verification systems, as well as an upgraded back-end platform for its customers.

Web Leads has found that one of the biggest challenges for up and coming SEO brands, is that most do not have experience in working sales leads, or refining their “sales funnel.” “By assisting our customers during the onboarding process and by offering low-tier starter packages, we are making the toughest stage in a new company’s growth, a bit less painless,” says CEO and founder, Colin O’Brien.

For its small business customers, Web Leads offers a reduced-cost on the first purchase of an SEO leads package, as well as two additional programs, called the “Web Leads Hot List” and “Aged Leads.” These programs seem to work with newer, smaller brands, as well as SEO firms who are more experienced in the purchasing and processing of sales leads.

The Hot List program enables businesses to receive a list that is updated on a weekly basis, of prospects that previously requested a quote through the network, but may not have made a buying decision. The vetting process involves manual research that team members at Web Leads perform on each prospect, to ensure it meets the standards, and to maximize the chance of engaging the prospect when a service provider (customer of Web Leads) makes contact.

The “Aged Leads” program enable SEO companies to purchase a bulk load of leads that were previously sold through the network. These leads are at least 90 days “aged” and may or may not have made a buying decision. When used as a replacement for a “cold calling” or “telemarketing list,” the Aged Leads program enables a lower cost to establish contact with a new potential customer.

Web Leads has vowed to continue to help its enterprise customers to maintain a well-refined business model and customer acquisition process, while providing support to smaller, in some cases newer brands, who aim to prove their value in the market.
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Cindy Kitagawa