Luxy Millionaire Dating Finds Tesla to Trump BMW

64% of Rich Single Dudes Claim They 
Prefer BMW Over Tesla; Women More Impressed by Tesla

New York, NY, January 23, 2016 --( Luxy App (, the dating site that caters to the 1% crowd, has surveyed more than 3,000 wealthy men and women on the subject of cars and dating. In the aftermath of the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), Luxy reveals the first-date-car-of-choice as voted by the Millionaire crowd. And as always, men and women couldn’t agree less.

Since launching in 2014, the Luxy dating app has witnessed more than 500K downloads in less than six months. During this time, thousands of people have identified their luxury brand preferences on their dating profiles — and Luxy has compiled and ranked those luxury brands preferred by our wealthy single members. Ahead of the Apple Watch 2 release, Luxy recently found a strong preference amongst the elite 1% for classic watches (read: Rolex) as opposed to Apple’s wearable toy.

For over a century, the first month of the year has played host to the world’s most prestigious auto show. The NAIAS introduces the coolest cars and dynamic designs for 2016. This year luxury car brands Lexus, BMW and Audi all reveal their newest E models, hoping to take a position in the high-end EV market. Luxury car manufacturers also showcased their new E-mobility at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this year.

To no surprise, Luxy finds that German brands come on top. Millionaires prefer BMW (45,874 votes) the most, followed by Audi (42,470) and Mercedes-Benz (36,216). Tesla scored 7,350, suggesting that the high-end EV market has some work to do when it comes to winning round the luxury market.

But what about cars and dating?
Men were asked, “Which car are you most likely to drive when you pick up your lady on a first date?”, where women were asked, “which car would you prefer your man to drive on a first date?” Results conflicted.

Out of the four options available, BMW, Range Rover, Ferrari, Telsa, 64% of men thought that a BMW would secure them a second date, while Tesla scored just 7%, proving that green isn’t always smarter. At 30%, it seems that women are less impressed with a Bimmer. Tesla won the race with 58%.

While men prefer the classic, strong, status of the BMW to showcase their worth, women are more impressed by new technology and eco alternatives. “Women prefer Teslas because it shows that the man still has enough money in his pocket to treat her like a Queen but also has the sensitivity to care about the planet” the source said, who wants to remain anonymous, “even the rich women like a sensitive man”.

More Brand Preference Surveys To Come
Luxy will be re-visiting these brand preferences on a regular basis and our next brand preference rankings will focus on fashion and travel. Here’s a bit more about the Luxy app itself.

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