It's Somewhere - Trying to Return the Memories to These 4 People Who Have Lost Their Cameras

It’s Somewhere aims to return lost memories to those who made them. These memories can be in the form of photos or videos on a GoPro, a camera, a phone or even an SD card. Whatever they are, they want to return them to the hands (or screens) of the rightful owners.

Miami, FL, January 27, 2016 --( Most of us have been in the situation of losing a phone, camera, GoPro or other device or heard about it happening to a friend. The loss can hit our pockets, but more importantly the loss also hits our hearts, losing pictures and videos of dear memories and loved ones.

Daniel, Co-Founder of It’s Somewhere, was in the same situation. Early last year he lost his GoPro whilst travelling through South East Asia (SEA). Talking to people he noticed that he wasn’t the only one this had happened too and decided to create It’s Somewhere to try and bridge the gap between people who have lost their devices, with people who have found devices and would like to return the media on the device. Daniel and friends, Scott and Isabelle, set about building the It’s Somewhere website and building the social channels to distribute information through.

As of January, It’s Somewhere has close to 150 reports of recently lost and found devices from around the world, including 4 found devices from the USA in January alone.

“We’re just trying to return the memories to those who made them,” Scott, Co-Founder says, “Along your travels all you hear when people lose their devices is the phrase ‘I don’t care about the camera, I just want the photos back,’ we’re just trying to bridge that gap and help people.”

Currently, It’s Somewhere is trying to track down the four people from their most recent month and they have written an article for their website to try and trace them. (

If you or anyone knows who they are, get in contact with the person who has found the device directly via the It’s Somewhere website.
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