Pearland Church Seeks to Revive the Human Spirit Through Divine Relationship

God placed a vision and passion in the hearts of Pastors David and Stacey Tripp to reach into the community where they live. They're planting what they call a “life-giving” church in Pearland. Since receiving that calling, Pastor David brought together a small group of pastors to form “One Living Church” or OLC. The church officially launches Sunday, January 31, 2016 at 10:00am. The inaugural services will be followed by a free luncheon hosted by Killans Barbecue.

Pearland, TX, January 29, 2016 --( At a time when it seems to be socially acceptable to search for meaning and self-actualization in any way but with Jesus, one new church in the area is on a mission to reveal divine power, love, grace and purpose through a more direct route: close, intimate relationship with Christ.

In May of 2015, God placed a vision and passion in the hearts of Pastors David and Stacey Tripp to reach into the community where they live and plant what they call a “life-giving” Church in Pearland. Since receiving that calling, Pastor David, as he is known, brought together a small group of pastors and formed “One Living Church” or OLC.

By “life-giving,” Pastor David means that he wants OLC to show people how to go further than the pretense of Christian fellowship and help them to develop deeply personal relationships with God - wherever they come from. The pastor says that God isn’t looking for goodness within us, it’s something He wants to give to us. “It’s about connecting with the very Source of our life.”

“We want to plant a church that meets people where they are in their journey and connect them to Jesus,” Pastor David explained further. “We aspire to teach the truth of the Word of God and equip individuals to receive and express the love of Christ in their everyday lives.”

They both admit they’ve taken on a challenge. “The personal relationship God seeks to develop with each of us,” interjects Pastor Stacey, “is under constant siege from erroneous assumptions about Him, outright lies, faithless traditions, hollow precepts and a host of other human weaknesses. Our egos and expectations hold us back and stunt our spiritual development.”

OLC’s objective is to show people how to trust, receive peace, let go of their burdens, and become refreshed in God. “We want to reveal how He strengthens us with blessings and anointing daily. OLC is where one can find endurance, purpose and joy each day through life’s challenges and its victories; not through us per se, but through a personal relationship with Him.”

They strongly believe in a Spirit-led church. All of the pastoral staff at OLC know from firsthand experience that God is the God of miracles, healing, revelation and transformation. “Everywhere that Jesus went there was a demonstration of his power. I believe we are missing the manifestation of God’s power in our lives because we have neglected to be ‘one’ with Him,” Pastor David continues. “That is, we have failed to teach people how to develop the intimacy with God in mind, body, and spirit.

“That’s why our mission statement is so clear and universal, ‘Equip people to seek a Life-Giving relationship with Jesus Christ, and share it with others.’ We believe that the early church remains a dynamic model for how God’s church is to operate in today’s world. We believe in present-day miracles. We have seen and experienced the manifestations of the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.”

Pastor Stacey picks up the thought, “These miracles set the stage for the proclamation of the Gospel. Christ is calling on us, indeed all believers, to follow His example and promised the same supernatural power to accomplish the great commission He gave us.”

In fact, the husband and wife team selected the term “One Living” to reflect their firm belief that “all believers belong to the body of Christ - the Lord’s church as defined in the New Testament.” Last year, they joined together with other Christian clergy in the area who met monthly to pray for the community as a whole. Together, these pastors from different churches and denominations are in consensus that a great spiritual revival is soon coming to Pearland.

OLC intends to be active in the community, an organization with an involved, engaged, dynamic congregation. “Loving on people is written into our DNA,” he explains with a smile.

One Living Church is a non-denominational, Spirit-led, Bible-based Christian church that seeks to enrich people’s lives by bringing them into close, personal, life-affirming relationship with God. “Life isn’t just about where you are going, but HOW you get there,” emphasizes Pastor David. “Everyone ends up somewhere, but few people end up somewhere on purpose.”

One Living Church launches Sunday, January 31, 2016 at 10:00am. It is located at Pearland Jr. High School West, 2337 N. Galveston, Pearland, TX 77581. The inaugural services will be followed by a free, onsite “Meet and Greet the Pastors” luncheon hosted by Killan’s Barbecue. All are invited.

For more information, contact David Tripp at One Living Church: Phone: 832.754.3596, Email: or visit online at:
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