The Conscious Manager: Zen for Decision Makers Now in E-book

General Informatics LLC has re-published The Conscious Manager: Zen for Decision Makers in e-book format via General Informatics originally published the hard copy edition of The Conscious Manager in 2003.

San Diego, CA, December 27, 2007 --( The critically acclaimed The Conscious Manager, by Fred Phillips, is now available in e-book edition through Lulu Press. Containing all the material of the earlier print edition, this guide to spirit in the executive suite is now in handy and portable “pdf” format.

The Conscious Manager: Zen for Decision Makers explains the fourteen characteristics of a conscious manager and the six steps to a Zen path of responsible decision making, for non-practitioners of Zen and practitioners alike. Combined with the book’s practical exercises and “Q&A” sessions, they offer a startling and powerful - yet simple - solution to the troubling issues that face us all when we must make decisions.

“This book balances an inner spirit with the realities of management decision making,” says Dr. Glenn Miyataki, President Emeritus, Japan-America Institute of Management Science, Honolulu. “The concepts will inspire the reader to a higher level of management. Its impact is immediate. It is must reading.” Sheridan Tatsuno, author of Created in Japan, notes “Fred Phillips shares insights from hard-won experience. His Way is like Zen itself - clear, open, aware.”

Decision making with more speed, less anxiety and fewer regrets: The Conscious Manager shows you how. The Conscious Manager is the first book to show how the Zen principle of non-attachment, when applied to everyday decisions, can:
• Make you happier,
• Make the people who work for you happier and more productive,
• Lead to a clearer understanding of thorny issues and difficult people, and
• Lead to better decisions.

The Conscious Manager is “one of the best things I’ve read in years,” says Ian Mitroff, author of A Spiritual Audit of Corporate America: A Hard Look at Spirituality, Religion, and Values in the Workplace.

“Spirituality in the workplace is exploding,” says Business Week, and Harvard professors are researching the role of intuition in decision making. The Conscious Manager grounds spirit and intuition in Zen psychology, showing how they will help form the mainstream of American management in the 21st cen¬tury. Buy it at for $11.25 (General Informatics, 147 pp).

About the Author: Fred Phillips has put his body on the line to test the ideas he writes about. Throughout a 30-year career as a corporate and university executive, Fred has also taught Zen martial art. At Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology, he built the Northwest’s most admired management degree program for high technology leaders. He is author of the textbook Market-Oriented Technology Management: Innovating for Profit in Entrepreneurial Times, and Senior Editor of the journal Technological Forecasting & Social Change. Dr. Phillips holds 5th-degree black belt rank in aikido, and professorial appointments at prominent universities on three continents.

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