Aussies Partner with Utah Inventor to Provide Unique Tools for DIY Home Improvement

AngleBuster partners with Australian Original Tools to provide new unique tool solutions for do it yourself ( DIY ) home improvement projects everywhere.

Las Vegas, NV, December 27, 2007 --( When Marvin, the Utah Inventor of AngleBuster, was at Surfaces last year and saw the Original Tool company from Australia, he knew they were a winner and a perfect match for the AngleBuster. Marvin met Craig and Ray of Original Tool in between managing his own booth at Surfaces. Marvin asked Craig and Ray what it would take to become a US Distributor for them. They were favorable and negotiations started.

Marvin aka Mr. Flooringman of and the inventor of the AngleBuster of states, "The Original Tool products, UltraSpreader and the Pro Kit are the perfect companion for AngleBuster." Marvin reasons include the ease of using the UltraSpreader and AngleBuster.

The following description by Craig and Ray describes what the UltraSpreader is why and how to use it. AngleBuster and UltraSpreader are available now from Marvin at his website or by phoning 866-580-2787 ext. 104

"The UltraSpreader product distributes the adhesive to the work surfaces like never before," state Craig and Ray, "it offers the following benefits over current methods and tools used:

100% Surface Coverage of Adhesive
Spreads Adhesive to manufacturer's specifications.
Spreads Adhesive to meet and exceed Building specifications
Compensates for Uneven Surfaces, Varying Tile Thicknesses
Installer Work Standing Up
Stay "Off your Knees"
Saves Time and Money
Easy clean up"

The UltraSpreader uses its Patent protected teeth design in conjunction with the side wings to control adhesive flow. The teeth glide above the surface to key the adhesive distributing the balance to allow the correct amount to flow through to achieve a 99% compressed adhesive coverage.

The "Tiling System" increases your advantage by using the straight edge system to take away the difficult traditional grid marking format. Tiles are always perfectly straight and spacers are not required after the first row.

Marvin describes AngleBuster in this way:

AngleBuster allows measuring an angle, holding the angle and copying the angle with one tool with a built in reference holding point so you get precise identical copies every time. AngleBuster has been used in tile, ceramic, slate, carpet, Sheetrock, framing, anywhere where angles are measured and cut.

"AngleBuster and UltraSpreader are great matches for flooring tile installation," states Marvin, "These tools make flooring jobs something that anyone can do. In fact a secretary from a hardware store watched our videos and having never laid tile before still did a great job. It shocked the pros at the shop."

When Marvin met Craig and Ray again at the Coverings show in April in Las Vegas, they finalized the partnership. Craig and Ray wanted to finish their Pro pack before shipping to the US. That was completed in mid-September 2007.

"The Original Tool complete product line is now in our warehouse in Utah ready for immediate shipment," says Marvin.

DIY Home Improvement Buffs now have an easy unique solution to their flooring installation projects because of the partnership framed by Marvin, the Utah inventor of the AngleBuster and the Australian owners of Original Tool the manufacturers of the unique adhesive spreader they call the UltraSpreader. has been in business since 2004. The AngleBuster has been in development since then. AngleBuster has been sold through the flooring industry through an international distribution network. has the capability to produce product runs in excess of 10,000 per day. Marvin has worked in the flooring industry for over 20 years. You can see a video of AngleBuster on YouTube at

Craig and Ray's UltraSpreader tool was awarded the coveted World Inventors Expo award. They have been in business for over 3 years. They have a combined experience in the industry of over 30 years. website

Original Tool
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