A2ZSynthesis Fragment Library

Roseau, Dominica, February 03, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Fragment-Based Drug Discovery is a highly effective and innovative method for hit identification for a range of biological targets. The small size of the fragments allow further chemical optimization through the addition of new chemical groups or by combining different fragments together into one molecule. It is easier than reducing the size of larger molecules.

A2ZSynthesis Company is pleased to announce the release of Fragment Library containing about 3300 fragment compounds of high purity (>90%) to help its clients in their drug design activities. A2ZSynthesis Fragment Library compounds conform to “Rule of three” criteria, e.g. <=300 MW with, clogP, rotatable bonds, H-bond donors and acceptors all <3. All compounds are in stock and ready for prompt delivery during 5 business days and can be supplied as dry powders and as DMSO solutions. Re-synthesis of compounds is possible and analogues could be synthesized to meet the requirements of clients.
A2Z Synthesis Ltd
Philippe Vazquez