Operators to Take Rural India Under Mobile Umbrella

After seeing tremendous growth in urban India, mobile operators are now heading to rural regions to connect people. The rural mobile market is expected to grow strongly due to the growing need for all-time connectivity.

Delhi, India, December 29, 2007 --(PR.com)-- The fast growing Indian mobile phone market is all set to break the records in near term as more and more regions, including rural parts of India, are being covered in a mobile envelope, says the new market research report “Emerging Rural Mobile Market in India” by RNCOS. The report highlights the recent developments in the mobile environment in rural India and predicts that the rural mobile subscriber base in the country will expand at a CAGR of 47% from 2007 to 2010.

According to a Senior Research Analyst at RNCOS, after extending their services to urban consumers, mobile operators are looking to rural India as the next big opportunity to flourish and thrive. The reason is that mobile connectivity has still not reached most of the rural parts in the country and hence, these regions represent a highly untapped segment (it is expected that as of mid-2007, just 3-4% of the rural populace had access to mobile phone service).

The research has also examined new opportunities in related sectors, like content development and personalization stemming from the burgeoning rural mobile market in India. The report highlights how this information revolution is bringing a sea change in the life of the rural populace.

However, the report cautions that success will not come easy for mobile operators. As the landscape of the urban market is completely different from that of the rural market in many senses –demographically, financially, and most important, culturally - operators have to take care of these issues that could impede the expansion of mobile services into rural India. Moreover, as India has a multilingual system, offering single and similar kind of service in all the regions could harm the operators. The study has assessed this and several other factors in detail threatening market growth in rural India and has come up with a set of possible solutions for operators.

“Emerging Rural Mobile Market in India” is an analytical study on the Indian rural mobile market and gives a rational view on the forces guiding the market to growth, coupled with the opportunity areas opened by the rural mobile industry. It details the market performance by subscribers, penetration, handset sales, and circle/state and government regulations to identify the future outlook of the market. ]

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