PI North America Announces Developer Training

PROFINET Workshops focused on automation vendors.

Scottsdale, AZ, March 11, 2016 --(PR.com)-- PI North America, in collaboration with the PROFI Interface Center, is proud to announce the creation of workshops dedicated to developers of automation devices. The classes guide a vendor through the options open to them when they decide to add a PROFINET interface to their device.

PROFINET Developer Training is designed to help vendors weigh the factors that allow them to create the product that their end-user customers need. Each workshop is exclusive and confidential, with only one company per class. The training is ‘solution neutral’, meaning it is tailored to whichever method the vendor chooses to implement PROFINET in their product. This includes ASICs, FPGAs, modules, or software stacks. Every PROFINET development project is different, so each class is tailored to meet the needs of the student(s). However, there are some common elements to the classes. For example:
· How end-users view and work with PROFINET devices
· How to turn marketing requirements into PROFINET product features
· How data is modeled in PROFINET

“PROFINET has reached an inflection point in North America,” says Michael Bowne, Executive Director of PI North America. “With demand from end-users at an all time high, US-based automation vendors are scrambling to add PROFINET to their devices. They want to be able to play in this marketplace.”

Torsten Paulsen, Manager of the PROFI Interface Center, adds, “We’re here to address that need. That’s why we are prepared to teach the class either at our lab in Johnson City, or onsite at a location of the vendor’s choosing.”

Students should have successfully completed the Certified PROFINET Network Engineer course, or have a strong networking background and experience with TCP/IP stacks. Prior experience with industrial distributed I/O systems and Ethernet traffic analysis with Wireshark is highly recommended.

About PI North America
PI North America is a non-profit, member-supported automation organization for fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet, specifically PROFIBUS and PROFINET. It is dedicated to supporting the discrete and process industries in achieving beneficial results using these networks. PI North America also assists device manufacturers in the development and marketing of PROFIBUS and PROFINET products. It is one of 27 regional associations that make up the global PI community. Established in 1989, PI has more than 1,500 different member companies, who have developed and now supply more than 3,000 unique devices. To date, more than 50,000,000 PROFIBUS devices have been installed and the total number of PROFINET devices installed now exceeds 10,000,000. Members of PI North America include vendors of hardware, software and systems as well as end-users and operators, scientific institutes, universities, distributors, and system integrators.

About the PROFI Interface Center
Since 1995, the PROFI Interface Center has provided end-to-end services and products for PROFINET and PROFIBUS – from one-day seminars to integration support and conformance testing. The PROFI Interface Center is accredited through PI North America as an official PROFIBUS test lab for DP certification and as an official PROFINET test lab for PROFINET device certification (PITL). It also serves as an official competence center (PICC) for both PROFIBUS and PROFINET as well as a training center (PITC).
Michael Bowne