PowerDOX Program Gives Professionals Marketing Edge

A new program offered by SourcingPoint Solutions is combining document imaging, Web and multimedia technology to bring mortgage, real estate and finance professionals more repeat business and referrals.

Garden Grove, CA, January 04, 2008 --(PR.com)-- The PowerDOX Media Branding and Marketing Program, launched in early January of 2008, is making it possible for professionals in mortgage, real estate and finance – or virtually any other paper-intensive industry – to give their clients a disc containing digital copies of transaction documents that are accessible through a customized interface bearing the professional’s company name, contact information, logo and other brand elements.

Benjamin Millam, a Program Specialist at SourcingPoint Solutions, says the PowerDOX program helps consumers by consolidating and organizing thousands of documents onto a single space-saving disc. For the professional, he adds, each PowerDOX CD or DVD serves as a permanent “marketing messenger,” increasing the opportunities for future business with every viewing.

“It’s a huge benefit for the consumer, because it eliminates all the typical storage and file retrieval issues you face with stacks and stacks of paperwork,” says Millam. “And for the businessperson, it’s another way to separate from the pack, a way to provide a truly valuable service that can result in more profit.”

Consisting of three major phases, the PowerDOX program integrates document scanning, interface engineering and production. During the first phase, documents are scanned at high speed and fed through optical character recognition (OCR) software. At the same time, a PowerDOX interface is customized to reflect the professional’s content, color and layout choices. Finally, documents and interface are linked, and a CD or DVD is produced for delivery to the consumer. A typical PowerDOX production cycle takes about one business day.

The PowerDOX interface, which functions smoothly in both Mac and Windows environments, has an intuitive, Web-like look and feel. It enables a homebuyer or consumer to navigate through their documents onscreen, search by keyword and selectively print whole pages or sections. Meanwhile, the interface consistently displays the name and company name (if applicable) of the professional who conducted the transaction. It also affords standard space for the professional’s photo, a company logo, street address, e-mail address, phone and fax numbers.

An integrated form, which functions independently of any e-mail or messaging software and requires only an active Internet connection, lets the consumer send questions, requests and referrals directly to the professional with a single mouse click.

According to Millam, several industries have already embraced the PowerDOX program as a means to build longer, stronger relationships with their customers. Shortly after its pilot introduction in December of 2007, real estate firms in California and Nevada began making the production of PowerDOX discs a standard step in the closing process, he says.

“It’s a very scalable program,” Millam explains, “and that’s one of the biggest attractions for real estate and mortgage firms. Regardless of whether an office has one agent or one hundred agents, our back-end production and quality control processes ensure that each disc is customized for the consumer and the professional with 100% accuracy.”

The PowerDOX program is offered through SourcingPoint Solutions offices in Garden Grove, California, and in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada. Pricing for a standard PowerDOX CD or DVD is $49.95, including scanning, interface design and production. A monthly archive disc containing all of the files generated by an office or individual is provided at no additional charge.

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