Dining Etiquette Gives Business Professionals Competitive Edge

Elaine Swann, Etiquette Expert, Announces her Dining Etiquette Classes for Business Professionals.

Carlsbad, CA, March 25, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Etiquette expert and author of “Let Crazy Be Crazy,” Elaine Swann, will be presenting her Dining Etiquette Class for Business Professionals in Carlsbad (North San Diego County) on Friday, April 8, from 11am-2pm. “Although you may be a top performer in your company versed on everything about the business, acquiring soft social skills can be essential to your success. Skills like respect, honesty and consideration. Dining at business gatherings requires a whole other set of skills,” says Swann.

“Let’s say you’re at a corporate conference, gala or a professional meeting with food. Sitting next to you at lunch is someone you’ve been dying to connect with to talk about how you both could work together. But, she’s deep in conversation. How do you avoid interrupting and then engage her in your own conversation, conduct business and dine at the same time? It’s a delicate balancing act,” Swann states. “You need to understand non-verbal cues and know how to read body language. When to share information and when to keep quiet and listen, all while navigating the place setting and silverware.”

In her Dining Etiquette classes, Elaine takes participants through a series of comprehensive, hands-on techniques to build their etiquette skills from the moment they enter a business social situation to the last good-bye. They learn about things like eating various foods, how to deal with dining dilemmas and when and how to toast so they can be professional and competent while still enjoying a meal.

As a Social Commentator sharing etiquette advice, Ms. Swann is a regular contributor to the Today Show, ABC, NBC, CBS, The CW, FOX News, The STYLE Network, and CNN Headline News. A recent New York Times article touted her as one of the "Emily Posts of the Digital Age.”

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