New Online Tool Will Reveal How Ready You Really Are for Your Next Crisis

The Crisis Department launches CrisisReadyCheck.comâ„¢, a revolutionary online tool that enables organisations to check how ready they are to manage a crisis situation, no matter how big or small.

Singapore, Singapore, March 30, 2016 --( The Crisis Department, a collaboration platform of crisis and reputation risk management experts, today announced the launch™, a revolutionary new online tool that provides real insights into how ready an organisation is to manage any crisis.

With the rise of social media, even the smallest of unfortunate events can lead to a major crisis and damage a company’s brand, reputation and ultimately business. According to a study on crisis preparedness, 1 out of every 2 companies have faced a crisis in the past, and almost 4 out of 5 believe they will face a crisis in the short-term. Being prepared and able to adequately respond to a potential crisis situation is a key requirement for any organisation.

“But through listening to the market we found out that many organisations did not really have a clear idea of just how ready they are to manage a crisis,” said Tony Ridley, Asia Pacific’s well-known Crisis Management Expert and founding member of The Crisis Department. “That lead us to develop™ which measures an organisation’s “state of readiness” by analyzing the key crisis management practices and identifying areas for improvement.”

“™ is a revolutationary new online platform that will offer a comprehensive review in a much faster and a much more cost-effective manner than was available in the market until now,” added Frank Doreleijers, founder of The Crisis Department. “It fits very well in the series of services offered by The Crisis Department to help companies better prepare and manage a crisis.”

“™ runs on the Ready2Expand Functional Scan™ technology developed by 2Sherpa, which is a groundbreaking solution to help organisations evaluate the strength of a specific business area in their company,” explained Patrick Nelissen, founder of 2Sherpa. “2Sherpa is proud that The Crisis Department chose our technology platform to launch a complete new online assessment, measuring the “state of readiness” to manage a crisis situation, one of the most critical capabilities of any business today.”

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About The Crisis Department
The Crisis Department is a panel of crisis and reputation risk management subject matter experts who recently collaborated to create a valuable business support and learning pathway. The Crisis Department is a culmination of all our collective advice, tips, tricks and best solutions on how to prepare and manage just about any crisis.

What the crisis department is not? The Crisis Department is not an offer for expensive consulting that creates a template crisis plan, with no specific relevance to your business.

Instead, at the Crisis Department, we share knowledge and provide training, tools and resources so you can take full control. We are here to support you, by putting you in the driver's seat.

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About 2Sherpa
At 2Sherpa, we believe that every company should have access to easy, fast and cost-effective tools to assist them in entering new markets. To enable companies in making informed decisions we have developed our Ready2Expand Export Scan™ and Ready2Expand Functional Scan™ technology platforms:

Ready2Expand Export Scan™ – A multi-user assessment tool that formally evaluates your organisation’s readiness to expand abroad.

Ready2Expand Functional Scan™ – A customisable assessment platform used by professional service companies to extend their service offering to their business clients.

With our online tools and platforms it is no longer necessary to invest in costly and time-consuming resources to prepare for expansion.

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