CTRL UL101 Demonstrated to Law Deputy Enforcement for Odometer Fraud

Westminster, MD, March 31, 2016 --(PR.com)-- According to relevant estimates in Germany, about one third of cars’ odometers are affected by manipulation. This results in an annual fraudulent increase in the prices of second-hand cars, estimated to total nationally over 6 billion Euros ($ 6.5 billion) per year. Mechthild Heil, CDU’s law deputy enforcement and consumer expert of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group states: "Odometer tampering is not a trivial matter." It is easily possible to adjust vehicle mileage using a tampering device that costs just 70 Euros. "The changing of mileage is not a crime, but it is illegal to sell a car with an altered odometer. However, the fact of the manipulation is often not easy to prove," said the deputy. In Germany, the price of the car significantly depends upon the year and the mileage. The manipulation of the mileage can cause a price increase of about 3,000 Euros per vehicle.

Ms. Heil met with Michael Schmutzenhofer, president of the company "Tacho-Spion," in her constituency office in Ahrweiler. Michael demonstrated the UL101 ultrasound technology used together with the Tacho-Spion software to be a reliable method to uncover speedometer manipulations. Each motor generates ultrasonic sound when in normal operation, which can be recorded with the help of the UL101 without opening the engine. Measurement results show the experts can reliably determine the degree of wear of the motors, and this can be matched with the mileage. The expected accuracy is just +/- 10 percent, so that speedometer tampering can be revealed.

TachoSpion is headquartered in Germany and provides service throughout Eastern Europe. They designed the Speedo-Spy software that works together with the CTRL UL101. It has been in use since 2001 to analyze more than 11,000 motor/chassis combinations resulting in more than 250,000 measurements. http://www.tachospion.de/

CTRL Systems, Inc., headquartered in Westminster, Maryland specializes in designing ultrasound technology and implementation programs for energy savings and condition-based monitoring applications. The company’s programs are supported by comprehensive training, analysis software, data capture, power monitoring, and ultrasound detectors. CTRL Systems builds upon its technology to successfully integrate ultrasound to meet the specific needs of its customers. For more information about CTRL Systems, Inc. please visit www.ctrlsys.com/inctrl or call 877-287-5797.

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