DormCo Presents New Ideas on Making the Top Bunk Comfortable

DormCo presents college supplies that making sleeping in the top bunk of a college bed more comfortable and not something the college student will dread.

Buffalo, NY, April 01, 2016 --( Some Residence Hall rooms have bunk beds and college students often dread getting stuck with the top bunk. Having the top bunk means the student has to hop into the bed or climb up a ladder. Having the top bunk also means limited dorm room storage. The student won’t be able to take advantage of under bed storage space and dorm essentials like a cell phone or alarm clock can be hard to keep by the bed. However, with certain college supplies, the student can make having the top bunk not something that is dreaded.

There are certain electronics the college student will need up on the top bunk. There are the basics such as the cell phone and alarm clock, but then there is also a dorm lamp. The overhead light will provide very little lighting, which makes reading or studying in bed inconvenient. In order to have these electronics on the top bunk, there are a few college supplies that are necessary. The first is an extension cord with multiple outlets. The college student will want to invest in a cord with plenty of length so that the extension cord can be plugged in, drawn up the wall, and over to the bunk bed. Once it is on the bunk bed, the college student will also want some extra slack in the cord so that the electronics can be moved anywhere on the bed and so the college student doesn’t have to adjust into uncomfortable positions just to be able to read a book under the light or text a family member.

While having an extension cord is important for having those electronics in a bunk bed, there will also be dorm storage solutions that are necessary for storing those electronics. A nightstand isn’t possible while living on the top bunk so a compact Bed Post Shelf tray for setting an alarm clock and cell phone on are necessary, as is a bedside caddy to store books, a bottle of water, and the tablet or iPad that are being used before bed. A regular lamp isn’t possible on the top bunk – the student will want to invest in a compact clip lamp that can clip on the headboard so the student can have convenient lighting for more comfortable studying. With these simple dorm supplies, the college student can make having the top bunk more convenient and not something to dread for the entire period before college starts and during the whole college year.

Having the top bunk can be something the college student dreads at first. Having certain electronics can be difficult when there is no shelving nearby or an electrical outlet. However, with the right dorm essentials, the college student can look forward to living in a Residence Hall room again and have a more comfortable college living experience.

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Nicole Horning