The Health Briefs TV Show Focuses on Preventing Hearing Loss

An upcoming Health Briefs TV segment highlights steps people can take to prevent hearing loss.

Coral Springs, DC, April 13, 2016 --( From music concerts to industrial work environments, there are many ways in which one can damage hearing.

The Health Briefs TV show will soon present a segment focusing on preventing hearing loss. Producers relay the top five ways hearing can be affected, and make suggestions about how to prevent and protect ears from the “noise pollution” that can damage hearing both temporarily and permanently. Why live with diminished hearing when there is no need to? The health and wellness cable segment can be seen on most regional networks around the country.

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The program is hosted by Kevin Harrington. It is headquartered in South Florida and films on location throughout the United States and Canada. It is broadcast on most regional and national cable television networks. The show is a proud leader of quality, educational programming. It is produced in part by Anthony DiMellio, Melissa Leibowitz, and Gary Baris. Join the fans and the show’s staff on popular social sites to discuss and comment on stories of the day. Learn more about Health Briefs TV on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and
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Kyra Burton