Vino Mody Releases New Book that Helps Create Roadmap for Quality in High-Volume Electronics

A quality executive shares his passion and tips he’s learned thanks to his years of business experience and unique ideas on electronics design and manufacturing. Dog Ear Publishing reviews his new book, aimed at efforts to achieve excellent customer experience.

El Paso, TX, April 20, 2016 --( Electronic design, production – and delivery methods to keep products moving in the most efficient manner possible – require precise rules managing complex logistics, especially when dealing with large volumes of electronic products. An error at any point in the process will be amplified, costing money in the end. A seasoned executive who has worked with hundreds of suppliers and customers all over the globe has written a guide for recommended practices and pitfalls, basic metrics and useful statistical controls, and Dog Ear Publishing has released his practical new book.

Issues centering on quality and reliability, storage, warehousing operations and transportation all must be handled correctly, a point driven home in the book, “Quality in High-Volume Electronics Design, Manufacturing, and Deployment.” Whether covering pitfalls to be avoided to improve design quality or sharing practices to bring new products to the market faster, author Vino Mody emphasizes that the company’s leadership team must inspire its members to collaborate if they are to achieve their goal of ultimate customer satisfaction and profit.

Mody covers everything from good design and mistakes that can happen to software design, manufacturing leadership, effective quality management, sampling plans and statistical control charts. Designed for both management and technical employees in all aspects of high-volume electronics design, manufacturing and deployment such as service provides, customers and distributors, the book offers a valuable perspective on the intricacies involved with managing an industry with ever-changing technical aspects and expectations.

David Fellows, CTO and cofounder of Layer3TV and a former CTO of Comcast Cable, has nothing but praise for Mody’s book. As he writes, “Everyone who aspires to be a leader, from the production line supervisor and the service provider installer, the designers of these products, to the CEOs of their companies – anyone who wants to please customers in the high-volume electronics space – will learn from reading this book.”

Author Vino Mody served as vice president of quality for four electronics companies in the last 25 years. Mody, who has several degrees in engineering and business, has presented papers on cost avoidance to annual professional society conferences in the United States and other countries. Mody has taught graduate-level statistics and ASQC certification courses and served as a Malcolm Baldrige and Six Sigma examiners, team member on the ASQC national speaker list and a reliability consultant to major companies in the United State, India, United Kingdom and China. He is writing a book on metrics for winning customers in the high-volume electronics business that he expects to publish later this year.

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Quality in High-Volume Electronics Design, Manufacturing, and Deployment
Vino Mody
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-4575-4371-5 194 pages $120.00 US

Available at Ingram,, Barnes & Noble and fine bookstores everywhere.

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