Homequant Announces a Revolutionary Home Valuation App

Orlando, FL, April 23, 2016 --(PR.com)-- Homequant, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its revolutionary Home Valuation App.

The Homequant Home Value App, unlike its older sibling Homequant Pro, requires neither any upfront knowledge of the local housing market nor the picking of a set of comps that contribute to the subject value. Better yet, it takes under 30 seconds to value a subject home with this App. And, it covers 60 major US markets.

In order to value a subject with this App, all one needs to know is the Zip Code where the subject is located and the building size – if it does not align well with the Zip-wise median building size (“Median SF”). The building size field comes pre-filled it with the Median SF for the Zip Code being selected. In other words, as soon as a Zip Code is selected by the user, the Median SF for that Zip Code will appear, providing a meaningful starting point as well as a research base for their users. Needless to say, the default Zip-wise Median SF can always be overridden with a different value.

Of course, if the subject comprises of any of the four additional property characteristics and/or upgrades – significant waterfront, in-ground pool, central air conditioning and recent renovation – the user will receive a more accurate value upon enablement (though the base value will be retained on the screen for comparison).

The Homequant Home Value App is not only an excellent market knowledge tool for current and future homeowners, but is also great for loan officers, appraisers, assessors, analysts and brokers needing a “first look” valuation. It’s great for appraisal reviewers and hearing officers as a quick “visual review” tool. It’s ideal for homeowners to get a second opinion to challenge over-assessments. Unlike BPO, it’s backed by a sophisticated research base.

While no learning curve is involved to use this App, help is always right there next to the input fields. Of course, everything is still in plain English, presented in an easy-to-understand format, without the usual appraisal jargon. And all of their Apps come with 30-day free trial. Unlike many, their free trial is totally unrestricted, meaning all 60 markets are available without any record limits or feature restrictions.

To download their Android App, just search ‘Homequant’ in Google Play. The Apple iOS App is not far behind.

The President of Homequant recently explained the addition of this App to their product suite: “With the launch of the Homequant Home Valuation App we are adding an excellent takeout option to the free home valuation space. It will provide a meaningful first look into the subject valuation to all users – novice and professionals alike. Of course, for those who need a full comps-based workup, the vastly upgraded Homequant Pro 4.0 App is coming soon.”

If you’d like more information about this App or their websites, or to schedule an interview, please email Homequant at: Homequant@gmail.com
Homequant Inc.
Sid Som