Secret Eyes Everywhere Launches a Way to Report Bad Customers

If you have ever witnessed customers behaving badly in the past and wished there was something you could have done about it; Secret Eyes Everywhere has answered your prayers.

Atlanta, GA, May 11, 2016 --( In the past, the motto "The customer is always right" led to customer service reps taking the blow of a customer's bad day. Until, now.

Secret Eyes Everywhere, a customer service advocacy group based out of Atlanta, has created a way to put bad customers on blast. Yes, bad customers not companies. The site calls it the Most UnWanted Customer List. An idea which spearheaded due to the aftermath of the notorious Del Taco viral video involving a Del Taco Manager cursing out a determined couple as they feuded over sauce, an unfilled order, and customer service.

According to Secret Eyes Everywhere, there was not a place for customer service employees to go where they felt their voices could be heard in the light of bad customers. Yet, after considering the comments of fast food workers regarding the Del Taco incident, the site set out to make a change.

The Most UnWanted Customers List currently features Jordan Brown, the openly gay, pastor who wrongfully accused Whole Foods Market of writing an anti-gay, hate slur on his cake; the infamous woman from the viral Wal-Mart video involving a father shopping with his children and paying for groceries with a food stamp card; and an unknown woman behaving badly over her return at a Big Lots Store.

Tired of being a bystander and ready to make a difference?

Learn more about the Most UnWanted Customers List by visiting
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