Unpaid Internships - Blessing in Disguise

PursueAsia provides International Internship programs in India, Dubai, and Singapore. The company provides internship programs to global students from various universities, into Asian multinational companies for various professional sectors.

Pune, India, May 12, 2016 --(PR.com)-- An internship is an excellent way to get work experience that will definitely strengthen your job applications. But if the same internship is unpaid, how do you decide?

Work experience including internships have become very essential; they are an established stepping-stone to employment for graduates and students starting their careers. Internships are highly beneficial for gaining practical experience through application of theories and processes learnt in text and pave the path for a successful career path. Paid internships can be difficult to procure this being an extremely competitive market.

India, today, is the fastest growing democracy in the world. After the USA, UK, and Canada, the 4th top destination for Business Schools is India as declared by the GMAC. Most internships are paid; however, there are certain industry players and sectors where internships can be unpaid. Unpaid internships might sound exploitative but there are benefits to an unpaid internship, too, if you know how to read in between the lines.

First and foremost, it is a great addition to your resume. Building a robust resume generally stresses students from day one. Without a strong résumé, how do you expect to get a great job? Internships, both paid and unpaid helps up to build your experience, which will definitely assist once you graduate and face the real world.

Taking an internship, even if it is unpaid, gives you the opportunity to get real and hands-on experience in the type of career that you’ve always wanted to pursue. It will give you a better understanding of whether or not it is something that you are truly interested in. You will find great networking opportunities and in today’s world, it definitely counts when you make useful contacts, learn something new and add-on to your skill sets. Unpaid internships, today, offers the graduates and students a lifetime chance to gain and discover valuable expertise along with work skills.

If you are doing a good job and are enthusiastic about your work, you might just end with a good job and this time, you’ll get paid for staying! PursueAsia provides ample of opportunities for interns to get paid as well as unpaid internships in various sectors. Team of Pursue Asia tries to get a well-designed internship program and assists the interns with facilities like accommodation and transportation through which an unpaid internship will turn out to be a good career move.

PursueAsia was founded in 2013 in Pune, India. PursueAsia specialises in connecting global students with the right type of internships and consulting services. The company operates in three major locations of India, Dubai and Singapore. Internships are a significant part of Pursue Asia's educational package. It provides perfect career guidance to graduating students, and alumni; along with internships in all almost every sector of industry.
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