RunnerBox Launches Kid-Specific Gear and Goodie Box

A Michigan-based business wants to excite young runners with their “Rising Stars” subscription box, made just for kids.

DeWitt, MI, May 13, 2016 --( Launching today, Michigan-based RunnerBox will offer the Rising Star subscription box--a kid-specific box aimed at promoting wellness and motivating young runners. RunnerBox has partnered with some of the best known names in health, fitness and nutrition - with an eye on products made especially for kids. Together, RunnerBox and its partners share a common goal to support and encourage lifelong health and wellbeing, and believe that starting early is crucial.

The initial pilot box was developed and tested by a local running club at Brandon Fletcher Intermediate School in Ortonville, Michigan last month-it was a huge success. “When the running club approached us about creating a custom box for an upcoming 5K race, we decided to test the idea with the goal of rolling out a nation-wide program,” says Staci Dietzel, President, “We’ve had previous requests and decided it was time to move forward with a kid-specific box. Our product partners have helped us to make this affordable and family-friendly--we’re thrilled to be supporting young athletes and encouraging fitness.”

RunnerBox Rising Star launch partners include:

YummyHealth - makers of delicious snacks, low in sugar and starch
4id - makers of identification and safety product for runners and athletes
Clif Bar & Company - makers of energy food with organic ingredients to feed and inspire adventure
E-hydrate - making of hydration and natural energy drinks
Love Grown - makers of great tasting cereal with clean and simple ingredients
Coromega - makers of healthy Omega-3 supplements

The Rising Star boxes will be offered at a family-friendly price of $12 per box, with a refill box order currently under development. For those parents who are also runners - or get motivated along with their kids - RunnerBox is offering a 50% discount on the joint purchase of an adult box and a Rising Star box (promocode RUNTOGETHER).

RunnerBox co-owner Laura Jorgensen, an accomplished runner, cyclist and triathlete, is passionate about young athletes, adding “I started playing sports at a young age and have found - even through injuries - that the world of sports and fitness has something for everyone. We want to get kids excited early and reward their hard work. The Rising Star box exposes kids to great products and healthy food choices - and a bit of inspiration in their mailbox.”

RunnerBox is currently seeking a running shoe manufacturer or sporting equipment outlet as a partner to help properly equip young runners. The Rising Star box hopes to include future discounts or offers from running-specific shoe and apparel providers.

For more information or to purchase a box, please visit

Founded 2012 by Staci Dietzel, a registered nurse, endurance athlete and nutrition advocate, RunnerBox is a subscription based box for runners, triathletes and other active people of all levels. Joined in 2014 by Laura Jorgensen, nationally ranked cyclist and triathlete, RunnerBox remains dedicated to delivering products that will help you get out the door and get in your next workout.
Patty Cox