CreditPoint Software, Inc. Brings the AnscersX Multi-Bureau Credit Report to Its Credit Risk Management Application

CreditPoint Software Joins with Credit Management Association and Trade Information Exchange to Make Report Available Directly From Within Its Credit Alert Product

Owasso, OK, May 31, 2016 --( CreditPoint Software, Inc. announced their partnership with Credit Management Association (CMA) and Trade Information Exchange (TIE), giving CreditPoint clients the ability to immediately access the anscersX report.

With the anscersX report, CreditPoint users gain access to important financial information from the three major trade credit reporting agencies, D&B, Experian and Equifax. As a web-based collective report, users are given a more complete picture of a company’s payment history resulting in more accurate and informed credit decisions.

“We are thrilled to incorporate the anscersX report into our applications,” says George Garner, CreditPoint’s President and Founder. “Our goal is to facilitate informed decision-making. That is why we are proud to offer our clients yet another strategic resource that can easily be accessed from within our software.”

The anscersX report is one of several powerful tools made available in our Credit Alert application. In addition to fundamental data from Moody’s, S&P and CapIQ, Credit Alert also features a robust credit risk workflow, complete with auto-alerts and configurable scoring models.

“We put a lot of effort in including only the most pertinent information needed to assess a company’s credit worthiness,” explains Managing Partner of Trade Information Exchange, Robert Shultz. “We want to help businesses save time and costs while still remaining thorough in their evaluations. The anscersX report helps our users know that they have done due diligence in their decision-making."

“The anscersX report is one resource that we use to better serve credit management professionals,” states CMA president Mike Mitchell. “You can never guess which provider(s) a particular company is reporting to. By bringing together data from the three main reporting agencies, we are helping credit managers save time as well as ensuring that all information has been taken into consideration.”

One of the main advantages of the anscersX report is the summarized information from each of the data providers. This part of the report prominently displays scores from D&B, Experian and Equifax along with other important factors such as, the number of tradelines they have, the balance owed, and if a company is falling behind on payments, the report will show what percentage of their balance is 30 days past due.

The anscersX report makes gathering and understanding data easier for credit professionals. Pricing is based on whether a user wants information from one or all three of the data providers and starts as low as $32.35. Once a purchase is made, you can immediately access the information you need. Furthermore, the some of the data can also be used to populate scoring models. Users are not subject to contractual agreement or purchase requirements.

About CreditPoint Software, Inc.
CreditPoint Software was founded in 2000. The President and founder is a former credit professional, who realized there was a better way to help companies manage their credit and collections processes. After more than 15 years, CreditPoint has grown to now provide a comprehensive suite of solutions which include Credit Risk and Collections/Disputes Management, Business Intelligence, an Online Credit Application, Ratings and Financial Data, and Dispute, Sales and Customer Portals. From small and medium sized companies, all the way up to Fortune 50, CreditPoint serves a myriad of business types and sizes.

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About Credit Management Association:
Credit Management Association (CMA) was founded in 1883 with the goal of providing its members with networking opportunities, information and resources that assist them in their day to day credit management. With nearly 1,300 members that work in over 250 business categories, CMA is a leading provider of support for credit departments. Its substantial customer base also benefits from the association’s trade products and services that are made available through its anscers system.

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