Bella's Cookies
Bella's Cookies

Bella’s Cookies Family Shares Recipes in Southern Living

Bella's Cookies family highlights vegetarian recipes in "Healthy Living" section.

Milton, DE, January 16, 2008 --( You won't find a mention of Bella's Cookies in Southern Living magazine this month... but you will find owner Kelly Leishear and her family (Mark, Bella & Liam) sharing 3 healthy recipes for families to try in the New Year.

Planning over a year in advance, then arriving in May of this past year, Southern Living magazine visited the Leishear family home in Milton, DE. Their purpose: to spotlight healthy vegetarian fare (a first for the magazine's annual January "Healthy Living" section) and test some quick & easy power meals for families. During their 4 day visit, a crew consisting of a writer, photographer, chef & stylist re-arranged the Leishear household into “a place that we had to clean up and re-arrange every night after they left” (said Mark Leishear, laughing). "They focused on exercise & how our family exercises, what we eat, how our children eat" (said Mark) "a lot of material didn’t make the magazine, but it’s fantastic.” There are 3 recipes profiled in the magazine; a Vegetarian Chili, Tomato-Spinach Penne, and a Peanut-Broccoli Stir Fry. “The Tomato-Spinach Penne is my personal favorite” said Leishear “in fact, we just recently made this dish for a Holiday dinner party.” The recipes are available at Southern Living magazine's website to print and review.

Southern Living's January 2008 issue is currently on newsstands in area supermarkets & bookstores.

Southern Living is a national, monthly publication from the Southern Progress Corporation, a subsidiary of Time, Inc.

Bella's Cookies
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