OAV ® Air Bearings Miniature Thrust Air Bearing

OAV Air Bearings, your exclusive source for high precision air bearings, now announces its latest miniature Thrust Air Bearing: “OAVTB16i04.”

Princeton, NJ, July 08, 2016 --(PR.com)-- OAV Air Bearings is the leading manufacturer of the recently advanced air bearing technology. They are committed to providing their customers with the most precise bearing system available.

The OAV Thrust Air Bearing is a breakthrough innovation in air bearing technology which is capable of fully integrating a three-way frictionless surface.

OAVTB16i04 runs on a 4 mm standard shaft size with ultra precision, zero friction motion. The C04TB1 face collar increases stiffness, prevents the shaft or bushings from moving side-to-side, and preloads opposing thin film pressure, maintaining the perfect gap and tolerances.

OAV Air Bearings do not have mechanical contact between elements and benefit from an air-film averaging effect. Furthermore, due to an absence of mechanical contact, the OAV Air Bearing has virtually no friction to generate heat and cause wear.

Oav Air bearings have higher stiffness and excellent geometric performance. Oav Thrust Air Bearings preload both horizontal and vertical surface with opposing thin film pressure, this maintains the perfect gap ultimate tolerance. OAV Air Bearings surface design equally distributes the air and pre-load over the entire surface area; the result is outstanding stiffness and maximized performance.
OAV Air Bearings
Mark Stever