Richard C. Ling and Demand Driven Institute Announce New Collaboration

This new collaboration between the Demand Driven Institute and Richard C. Ling Inc will bring the next generation Sales and Operations Planning process to the world. By combining the lifetime work of Dick Ling with DDMRP created by the Demand Driven Institute, companies will be able to sense changes in customer demand and adapt planning and production with the maximum ROI.

Chicago, IL, July 19, 2016 --( Today the Demand Driven Institute and Richard C. Ling Inc announced their collaboration in the development of the next generation of Sales and Operations Planning leveraging the Demand Driven Adaptive System.

Sales and Operations Planning is the integrated business process that provides management the ability to strategically direct its businesses to achieve competitive advantage on a continuous basis by the protection and promotion of return on investment. Product innovation, customer focused marketing plans for new and existing products, operations strategy and the financial strategy are managed on a continuous basis by an integrated reconciliation team to enable the company to sense, adapt and innovate successfully across the supply chain.

Dick Ling, the father of S&OP stated, “Not only do DDMRP & S&OP fit together, they need to be implemented together. When DDMRP and S&OP are properly linked with an integrated reconciliation team, the company will achieve effective communications and shared values in addition to sustained positive return on investment. I predict a fantastic future for these two operating processes working together.”

Together they expect to codify this new body of knowledge and make it available to the Institute’s global affiliate network in 2017.

Carol Ptak, Demand Driven Institute partner said, “we are very excited about working with Dick Ling – the father of S&OP to bring this critical methodology to our affiliate network. S&OP is essential to the sustainability of Demand Driven MRP (DDMRP). Working together with Dick has brought the entire Demand Driven Adaptive System to fruition.”

About Richard C. Ling Inc: Richard (Dick) Ling created the concept of S&OP in the 1980’s and has been the global thought leader developing the concept from its first beginnings to Breakthrough S&OP with Andy Coldrick in the 1990’s. He has helped businesses all over the world to maximize S&OP's potential to generate more cash and increase ROI.

Dick has led the thinking on aligning the S&OP process to the strategic intent of the business and future portfolio. He was the first to recognize that new product activity and financial links into traditional S&OP were treated as afterthoughts, but were not being truly integrated. Dick pioneered integration of these two pieces, and also created integrated reconciliation to explode the 'single number' myth, in vogue at the time. Understanding change, assumption management and scenario planning giving a 'range of views' all emphasize the need for management information and not just numbers. This led to the five step Breakthrough S&OP process. Dick pioneered the way to implement integrated S&OP in global, regional and country environments, from experience in Europe.

About Demand Driven Institute: The Demand Driven Institute (DDI) is dedicated to proliferating consistent demand driven methods and approaches through education, training and certification. The Demand Driven Institute has a global presence through its global network of affiliates and its partnership with the International Supply Chain Education Alliance (ISCEA). DDI’s Certified Demand Driven Planner (CDDP) and Certified Demand Driven Leader (CDDL) Programs are the world standard for the emerging demand driven methodology in planning, scheduling and execution. The Demand Driven Institute (DDI) was founded in 2011 by Carol Ptak and Chad Smith, co-authors of Orlicky’s Material Requirements Planning, 3/E (McGraw-Hill 2011) and Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning (Industrial Press, 2016).

The Demand Driven Institute has a global presence through a network of affiliates and endorsed instructors in North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. DDI affiliates and endorsed instructors are held to a high standard in order to ensure consistency across geographies and are reviewed annually. A list of our affiliates is available at:

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