Korenix Applied Its Wireless AP JetWave 3220 in China for Warehouse Automation

Korenix has successfully applied its Wireless product JetWave 3220 Industrial Dual 802.11n 2.4G/5G 2T2R MIMO Wireless AP/Bridge to automated warehouses in China.

New Taipei City, Taiwan, July 22, 2016 --(PR.com)-- In order to replace the manpower with machines, companies in China have chosen to use Korenix Wireless AP for warehouse automation. Korenix JetWave 3220 is selected to become part of the solutions because of its high performance on redundant, wireless roaming, and stable operation ability under wide temperature rate.

In one of the cases, several Korenix JetWave 3220 are deployed on the shelves and the moving-conveyors within the factory. Dual band Dual radio design allows the users to choose 2.4G frequency for access from, for example, client mobile devices or 5G frequency used in higher bandwidth applications such as data transmission. Nevertheless, the two radios can work as dual band dual radio concurrent mode in one unit. The Fast Roaming technology can assure stable connections; users may feel less or even no disconnection while moving from place to place under and between the radio coverages of each JetWave 3220. Last but not least, the IP67 water-proof JetWave 3220 operates well between -40 to 70°C, therefore, is appropriate to be applied in no matter freeze or cruel environment.

The upgrade of the old warehouses or newly built automated warehouses can not only increase the flexibility and efficiency during the production processes, but also save money for the manufacturers without additional and unnecessary wastes. Manufacturers are highly recommended to apply automation factors into its warehouses. To know more about Korenix Automated Warehouse Solution, please visit http://www.korenix.com/page/about/index.aspx?kind=249.

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