KaDonk Announces and Welcomes Its Newest Customer, Realtime Worlds

KaDonk, a member of Microsoft’s Partner program, announces and welcomes its newest customer, Realtime Worlds. Realtime Worlds has chosen LiveProject as its project-collaboration solution, based on LiveProject’s innovative features, optimized for Agile Project Management. Realtime Worlds officials say LiveProject Professional has rapidly become “an incredibly effective and robust task-communications conduit between our developers, managers and our Microsoft Project®-based schedule.”

San Diego, CA, January 17, 2008 --(PR.com)-- LiveProject Professional is a stand-alone desktop application for project collaboration and sharing Microsoft Project ® files (.mpp). LiveProject Professional is extremely stable and robust, specifically designed with ease of use in mind. New users will have a minimum learning curve and managers will find unique value in sharing and collaborating on project plans that their teams can view and understand at a glance. LiveProject Professional is installed with customers worldwide and is available as a 30-day free trial.

KaDonk’s newest customer, Realtime Worlds, has ramped up usage of LiveProject Professional over the past several months. After a thorough evaluation of all available options on the market, Realtime Worlds chose to invest in LiveProject.

Russell Murray, production manager at Realtime Worlds, on LiveProject:
“LiveProject is rapidly establishing itself here at Realtime Worlds as an incredibly effective and robust task-communications conduit between our developers, managers and our Microsoft Project-based schedule.”

“We run a mix of agile and more traditionally disciplined teams and LiveProject is effortlessly integrating into our development-management workflow to help us clearly communicate thousands of tasks to our developers, whilst allowing developer and manager to quickly report and review progress against a plan. The result is a marked swing in focus from administration to progress and issues. LiveProject is quite simply empowering and enabling us all to achieve more.”

Realtime Worlds uses LiveProject daily to report on project progress. Realtime Worlds developers have come to rely on LiveProject when working on a project. No soon-to-be-outdated print-outs, e-mails or other forms of communication is used or needed. At least weekly, managers and team members sit down and review pending changes to the project plans. This forms the agenda for the meeting, and after agreeing to changes to the plan, it is updated in LiveProject with one click.

The QA manager at Realtime Worlds uses LiveProject to show the progress of all items that will come to him for release test support. He also uses it to track the time spent writing unit tests and the coverage required.

Murray says: “If like us you need to improve how your teams work with Microsoft Project but don't want the hassle or considerable expense of Enterprise tool suites such as MS Project Server®, then LiveProject is for you…it's such a simple and well-executed concept that once you've used it, you'll wonder how you ever managed development without it."

With the latest release of LiveProject Professional 2.2, Realtime Worlds plans to use Export to Excel to create burndown charts to get a more visual guide to progress.

To try LiveProject's innovative collaboration features, sign up at http://www.kadonk.com for a 30-day free trial.

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