iKamper launches Room in Room, the Multi-Functional Indoor Tent for a Better Sleep

It is not an overstatement to say that sleeping is the most important part of our life. Room in Room is an indoor bed tent that will bring your sleeping quality to another level.

Boston, MA, September 02, 2016 --(PR.com)-- iKamper specialist in outdoor camping equipment is launching a kickstarter campaign for its new indoor tent Room in Room. The Room in Room is designed to improve the quality of sleep, to give children a fun and enjoyable place for playing and to keep the client cozy and warm in winter. This year the blackout Room in Room is highlighted: this tent is designed for anyone.

"My kids would never sleep in their beds before, but now with the more enclosed space, they feel safer in their room than ever," says Will, a kickstarter backer.

"With chilly nights and poorly insulated walls, sleeping in Room in Room really helps my husband’s asthma," says Regina.F, a kickstarter backer.

Blackout Room In Room is specially made for nighters, everybody knows how it feels to be bothered by the lights while sleeping during the day. Blackout Room In Room came to solve this problem, it can block up to 95 percent of the lights letting the client sleep longer and cozier.

Room In Room comes in different bed sizes to fit any bed and in two additional colors, White and Ocean Blue. It is made to make winter days warmer and cozier; the temperature inside the Room In Room is 10 Fahrenheit higher than the rest of the room with a smart ventilation system to keep the air fresh inside. With the laptop and Phone/Tablet stands customers can enjoy bed time more, No more overheated laps because of the laptop or dropping the phone on the face.

Room In Room is perfect for children as well, they love small spaces, Room In Room makes children more responsible and feel safer.

Order Room In Room on iKamper's kickstarter page to benefit from the kickstarter special reduced price follow this link http://goo.gl/9TX1ix.

About the creators
Founded in 2012, iKamper is a company that manufactures outdoor products. they aim to bring to the world innovative products that improve the life quality overall and make better world.

More about the company can be found on their websites. Visit their official websites below.

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