RDH Global’s Latest Client Satisfaction Survey Exceeds Expectations

RDH Global have recently compiled their latest client satisfaction survey results and are pleased to announce that they far exceeded the company’s expectations and showed an even further increase in client satisfaction than the previous survey held 6 months ago.

Brussels, Belgium, September 07, 2016 --(PR.com)-- “We believe in offering the highest level of client care available and we rely entirely on our clients’ impartial and anonymous responses to our randomly held surveys, with randomly chosen clients. We ensure that we take a survey from the entire range of clients that we serve and from each of our office locations. This includes our retail, corporate and institutional level clients, which allows us to gauge the performance of the company as a whole, as well as by department,” said Samuel Hansen RDH Global’s co-founder and Executive Director.

“The overall satisfaction of our clients, determined by the 20 questions we asked, returned an overall satisfaction score of 94%, which is a 2% increase on the previous survey we held. As reassuring as the results are, we will still be striving to improve our most valuable product, which is our client care,” Hansen added.

RDH Global currently have offices in Brussels, Hong Kong and Dubai and all 3 offices were subject to the same client survey.

“We would like to thank all clients who partook in the survey and advise that your comments are of immense value to us to enable our client care program to develop in the manner which we believe it should. Despite the results exceeding our expectations, we will still maintain a pro-active approach to our clients’ needs, as is expected of us,” Samuel Hansen concluded.
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