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Mark Pedigo, Director with RGL Forensics to Speak at The Knowledge Group’s Patent Infringement: Practical Guide and Best Practices to Prove Royalty Damages

New York, NY, September 08, 2016 --( The Knowledge Group/The Knowledge Congress Live Webcast Series, the leading producer of regulatory focused webcasts, has announced today that Mark Pedigo, Director with RGL Forensics will speak at The Knowledge Group’s webcast entitled: “Patent Infringement: Practical Guide and Best Practices to Prove Royalty Damages.” This event is scheduled for December 8, 2016 from 12:00pm – 2:00pm (ET).

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About Mark Pedigo

A curiosity for facts and an appreciation for solving difficult problems has led Mark Pedigo to success in a career that has spanned more than three decades. He focuses specifically on the quantification and analysis of economic damages and valuation of assets in matters related to: patent, trade secret, trademark and copyright infringement; breach of contract and other commercial disputes; construction disputes; and alter ego and other forensic accounting matters.

Mark has also performed intellectual property royalty audits and has provided intellectual property royalty rate consulting for clients who are negotiating licensing agreements.

About RGL Forensics

RGL Forensics is a multidisciplinary forensic accounting and consulting firm delivering accurate and reliable financial analysis to the insurance, legal, corporate and public sectors.

We specialize in the quantification of economic damages and financial analysis in disputes of all kinds. RGL provides comprehensive forensic accounting, corporate finance, fraud investigation and expert testimony services, going beyond the numbers to deliver financial clarity in the most complex situations.

At every stage of dispute resolution and at mediation, arbitration or litigation, clients rely on RGL to deliver financial analysis that withstands the toughest scrutiny.


In the past years, the methodology and evidences in proving reasonable royalty damages have been closely examined and monitored by the District Courts and Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. The Courts have allowed a variety of methods depending on the case circumstances. Two different approaches approved by the Courts include the hypothetical negotiation and analytical approach. Generally, the Courts reasoned that a "hypothetical negotiation" between the patent owner and the infringer may be used to determine reasonable royalty damages, and provided fifteen factors to consider. The analytical approach involves calculating reasonable royalty damages based on the benefit or excess profit of the patented feature of a product relative to a “normal” profit. More recently, the task of determining reasonable royalty damages in patent litigation has become more complicated as the Courts have provided decisions addressing the issue of how to apportion damages on sales of accused products to reflect the value of discrete patented features, especially patented components or features in larger multi-function infringing products.

The Knowledge Group has assembled a panel of thought leaders and professionals who will help the audience understand the most important aspects of reasonable royalty damages. The panel will present their findings and best practices in proving royalty damages.

Key topics include:

- Hypothetical Negotiation
- Analytical Approach
- Apportionment/Smallest Saleable Patent Practicing Unit
- Challenges in Proving Royalty Damages
- Guidance in Establishing Reasonable Royalty Damages
- Recent Court Decisions

About The Knowledge Group/The Knowledge Congress Live Webcast Series

The Knowledge Group was established with the mission to produce unbiased, objective, and educational live webinars that examine industry trends and regulatory changes from a variety of different perspectives. The goal is to deliver a unique multilevel analysis of an important issue affecting business in a highly focused format. To contact or register for an event, please visit:
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