, a New Player in the Global Human Resources Industry, Announces Its Launch

The stability of the major global recruitment platforms, such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed or Monster, may be threatened by, a new player in the online HR industry.

San Jose, CA, September 17, 2016 --( The concept was created more than two years ago in Silicon Valley, the heart of the IT community from California, and was based on facilitating the collaboration among those seeking employment and recruiters, without any need of involving recruitment agencies or other intermediaries., whose official launch is expected in a few days, will provide the best solutions for the selection and recruitment of the desired staff, all over the world, offering users an intelligent advanced search engine, very intuitive and easy to use, which is based on an algorithm that can help the recruiter jump over a series of obstacles or small cunnings of those who present their availability for possible employment or collaboration.

The platform will be accessible both by those seeking to hire staff and by those who are looking for a job, registration on the site and analyzing each profile being free services. Applicant users will be able to apply to jobs from the predefined interest area and to expose their disponibility in the targeted country and city, having access to an availability calendar with continuous updating, along with the desired collaboration type options. Another functionality of the platform is the video interview, which can be customized by recruiters, using their own questions, and requested to each public profile holder. An innovative element on the international market is the profile certification, option through which the user will be able to authenticate the data exposed in the profile via the platform, after the submission of supporting documents to an analysis department within SIFTGO Corporation.

Another strength of the platform is the possibility offered to people without PC or web browsing knowledge or Internet connection to make their own profile (resume) by means of the value cards which will be found on sale, both in physical form, through some global distributors, and online. "You buy the card, you make a phone call to our internal Call Center, and one of our colleagues will answer the call and will take care of completing your profile and posting it for your availability," says Oana Dascalescu, co-founder of

For the development of the platform it took more than two years of work, resulting in a 100% customized platform, with maximum scalability. "We tried to propose, even from the project stage, to the major corporations and VC's from California, but we realized soon enough that the procedure for obtaining funding, which is a laborious and time-consuming one, would have caught too much of the time we could have dedicated for web development and for the concept improvement. We have created a platform that I believe it will save many businesses, especially those in small towns that fail to find the desired staff due to the limited local market. By means of, one can search directly, all over the world, people who fit the desired profile without having to wait for them to apply. We are discussing with several private investment funds willing to invest in the platform from this point, a possible capital infusion helping us to bring permanent changes for its improvement and to attract a larger number of users," stated the CEO of SIFTGO INC., Marius Iorgu.
Oana Dascalescu