Webhosting Service Bitpalace Attracts New Clients Through Affiliate Marketing Program

Webhosting provider Bitpalace launches an affiliate marketing program to promote its web space offering. The idea is as simple as it is successful. Even on the first day, many affiliates have begun signing up for the program.

Chicago, IL, September 23, 2016 --(PR.com)-- For almost a year now, Bitpalace has been modernizing its service and its marketing, focusing all of its efforts on a single product: the “Bitpalace Business Booster.”

The “Bitpalace Business Booster” is a web space offer tailored to companies, associations and private individuals. While customers of other web space providers are forced to determine and select the scope of services they wish to use, Bitpalace offers one, comprehensive web space plan, making it easier for clients to commit. There is an upside for Bitpalace, too. Corporate funds are focused and applied more effectively. Therefore, the web space provider aims its entire marketing effort to this one web space package and recently launched an affiliate program to promote it.

Affiliates receive a commission for recruiting new clients. For this purpose Bitpalace provides advertising banners and links, that can be embedded into the affiliates’ website through copy & paste, or shared via social media. If a person clicks on the affiliate link and this action results in a sale, the affiliate receives a commission. The technology underlying this program is so sophisticated that it will work even if a whole year passes between the initial click and the subsequent sale.

Legend has it that a world-renowned American online bookseller first came up with this selling technique. Affiliate programs help turn advertising and branding into viral messages, often being more effective than regular advertising. Socially accepted friend-based referrals have a more pronounced impact than advertising promises coming from the provider itself. And affiliates can make money while they sleep, literally. After all, embedding links or banners into your own home page is simple, but the effect is lasting and can be enjoyed in the form of money.

Everyone can be an affiliate, even those who don’t have a Bitpalace web space. For details see partner.bitpalast.net.
Bitpalast GmbH
Peter Debik MA