A New Player in the Indian E-Surveillance Industry

GizmoSupport is now providing managed e-surveillance service. With this move, the company has expanded its horizon and will now be known as a managed surveillance provider.

New Delhi, India, September 24, 2016 --(PR.com)-- GizmoSupport, One of the flagship companies of KocharTech and one of the leading private limited companies in the field of outsourcing has launched its newest offering, a managed e-surveillance service. KocharTech has been providing BPO services to most of the leading Telecom operators in the country for the last 12 years.

Their services have ranged from providing GPRS support back when the Indian consumer was just beginning to utilize mobile data to its fullest potential to now providing tech support for 4g customers. Now, this company has decided to venture into a new kind of outsourcing called “managed surveillance service.”

GizmoSupport is looking to provide their e-surveillance service to various industries which include - retail, banking, offices, hospitality, Healthcare, warehouse & logistics etc. Their service provides live 24*7 video monitoring through multiple CCTV cameras & sensors that detect an impact, smoke, light and even water, and a team of dedicated professionals that raise real-time alerts in the event of any incident.

“This service is not just aimed at raising the security level of organizations but also increasing their productivity by giving them actionable reports in real-time that will help optimize operations,” says CEO Jatinder Jain. “Other advantages include cost cutting benefits by helping manage their energy usage,” he added.

One of the unique features of their service is that they offer live 2-way audio for preventing crimes. Where most surveillance services are only able to record crimes after they occur, GizmoSupport’s e-surveillance service allows crime prevention where a surveillance auditor can view a live crime occurring and can use 2-way audio to deter the criminal.

With the launch of this new service, the face of India’s private surveillance industry is going to change forever.

About GizmoSupport: Gizmo Support is a leading multi-channel customer experience service provider for Applications, Banking, E-Commerce, High-Tech and Telecommunications industries.

Founded 12 years ago, they have worked with notably respected brands delivering innovative solutions through an integrated multi-channel support, to enhance their relationships with their customers. Their integrated technology-based platforms help create value for their partners throughout various stages in the customer lifecycle. They have maintained long-term relationships with their clients, operating as an extension to their business, rather than an outsourcing firm. To know more, you can visit http://gizmosupport.com or email at info@gizmosupport.com.
Tarundeep Singh