Impact Branding Helps Small Businesses Gear Up for 2017

Atlanta, GA, October 05, 2016 --( On October 21, 2016 Impact Branding Consulting, Inc will host the last monthly Brand Development Bootcamp for 2016 at 900 Circle 75 Parkway in Atlanta through the support and sponsorship of J Laws & Associates and Total Life Empowerment.

Small Business owners are faced with the challenges of scaling their business and turning a profit each day. The current climate requires faster results and smarter decisions. Integration and streamlining of technology and social media have become a benchmark in business operations. With all these fast paced changes, one thing remains a constant need; The need to have a strong brand that has equity and not just recognition.

According to Business Insider, poor branding and branding mistakes can cost companies millions of dollars in corrections and rebranding. The Activia Brand made a mistake that cost them $45 million, Airborne made a branding mistake that cost them $30 million (BI, 2011) and Entrepreneur reports that small business owners make significant branding oversights that not only cost them valuable recognition in the market place but also loss of potential revenue (Entrepreneur, 2014).

Many small businesses are using last year's methods to achieve tomorrow's goals; leaving them frustrated and old school. Building a brand to have equity is the new goal, not merely using technology and social media platforms. At the Brand Development Bootcamp, business owners will learn contemporary strategies on how to effectively bring life to their brand and create a lasting impact through their brand. Attendees will further learn how to leverage the demands of the economic trends to grow their business and increase their profits.

Sponsors, J Laws & Associates ( and Total Life Empowerment ( are both closely aligned with the mission of the Branding Bootcamp; To empower people with the resources and tools they need to live life and live life not only abundantly but also audaciously. Both companies are headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and serve the needs of business owners nationwide.

Impact Branding Consulting, Inc is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with an additional office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They are a 10 year old Brand Development and PR Management Consulting Firm. The owner and CEO Ms. Natasha E. Davis whom is referred to as "The Chief Visionary" states, "The back bone of our economy are small businesses. Ensuring small business owners are afforded the best resources and learning opportunities is paramount to the stability of the economy. The Brand Development Bootcamp has been created to afford them these opportunities and collaborations."

The Brand Development Bootcamp held on Friday, October 21st and Saturday, October 22nd at 10:00am is a 2 day hands on interactive training program that not only provides contemporary training on the core aspects of business; but also techniques for implementing each step to developing an impactful brand. Attendees will be provided with lunch on both days and in addition will benefit from small group masterminds, speed coaching sessions, discount perks and power networking segments.

Business owners of service based companies, real estate agencies, healthcare organizations and agencies, transportation companies, food and beverage industries and product based companies would benefit from attending the upcoming Branding Bootcamp. Those interested may visit for details and use the End of Year special code "ReadyFor2017" to registration.

Sponsorship Inquires are welcomed. Please contact the IBC Office via 678-390-2681 or
Impact Branding Consulting, Inc
Natasha Davis