Digital CB Solutions Lead Writer Bags Esteemed Lasallian Scholarum Award

Coffeebot’s head writer, Julia Sta. Romana bagged the esteemed Lasallian Scholarum Award. Her article discussed anti-intellectualism in the Filipino culture.

Davao City, Philippines, October 15, 2016 --( Digital CB Business Solutions’ Content Development Team Lead, Julia Jasmine Madrazo-Sta. Romana, bagged the esteemed Lasallian Scholarum Award for her article on smart-shaming in the Filipino culture. The recognition was given by the Office for Strategic Communications of De La Salle University to individuals who exhibited outstanding media coverage that highlight relevant issues in modern Filipino society.

Sta. Romana was given the award during the 13th Lasallian Scholarum Awards on October 03, 2016. Although unable to attend the awarding ceremony, she received her trophy instead at GMA News Online newsroom.

Sta. Romana’s article entitled “Smart-Shaming and our Pinoy Culture of Anti-Intellectualism” was posted in the Philippine media network, GMA’s website on June of 2015. It discussed Filipinos’ perceivable avoidance against intellectualism.

It dug deeper on Filipinos’ perception of intellectualism as a negative trait than as one that needs to be encouraged. Sta. Romana emphasized how intellectualism is a phenomenon that’s apparent even in everyday conversations of common Filipinos, yet is one that generally frowned upon.

She also emphasized the association of Filipinos’ value of “togetherness” and poverty as huge factors in the promotion of the anti-intellectualist mentality.

In her article, Sta. Romana recognized the correlation of the psychology of Filipinos to their history and the current socioeconomic struggles they face as prime factors that cause them to shy away from encouraging intellectualism in everyday conversations.

“The sense of togetherness remains strong within us despite the years of colonization and globalization.… We don't have a culture of anti-intellectualism because we value ignorance; what we value is our camaraderie with the common Filipino. And sadly, the common Filipino, more often than not, is uneducated and in poverty,” Sta. Romana wrote.

Through her article, Sta. Romana demonstrated her sharpness in perceiving social patterns as well as her quick wit while using modern evidences to connect both. In Coffeebot, Sta. Romana has been working as the head content creator. She manages and creates original and unique content for clients and for the companies.

Sta. Romana is the chief facilitator of all things related to content. She oversees Coffeebot’s E-Book creation as well as the content for blog posts and social media. A scientist by profession, but with the heart for writing, Sta. Romana is able to widen her perspective and connect these contrasting fields together, through written content, of course.

She recently completed an E-Book series for Coffeebot, entitled “Outsourcing is like Dating.” It discusses the correlation of outsourcing and dating towards each other, along with their apparent differences.

The E-Book is a 64-paged file that attempts to make more people understand the concept of outsourcing, and translate it into a language that everyone’s familiar about— love.

It was created for business owners who have set their sights on outsourcing, but are too busy to grab a book and scroll through hundreds of pages just to understand what it is. It is a quick how-to for the uninitiated, and a free one at that. “Outsourcing is like Dating” can be downloaded through Coffeebot’s website.
Aside from being a creative head at Coffeebot, she also busies herself as an activist at DAKILA, where she serves as program director for their Digibak program.
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